Abdulah Sidran

Abdulah Sidran was born in 1945 in Bieniesevo, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He quickly became one of the greatest poets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also of all ex-Yugoslavia. Some of his collections marked the literary life of his country (Chahbase, Ars poetica, Testament of marvellous) and were partially translated into various languages. He is universally known as scenario writer of films of Emir Kusturica (When father was away on business, Do you remember Dolly Bell ?, but also Kuduz of Ademir Kenović).

The works of Abdulah Sidran are close to Sarajevo, multiethnic and multicultural Bosnia, his bosnian and Slavic origins of muslim source.


Abdulah Sidran was once an actor, in the film Kuduz by Ademir Kenović.



Abdulah Sidran is deeply engaged for the defense of the multiethnic modele of Bosnia. He took his distances several times with Emir Kusturica since their collaboration of the 80's.

In the late 2010's, their relationships got better. In a March 2011, he explains his position regarding Kusturica :

  • You cooperated with Emir Kusturica on two films (‘Do You Remember Dolly Bell?’ and ‘When Father Was Away On Business’). At the time of wars in the 90s you were in conflict. Recently we heard that you might perhaps cooperate again?
    • A.S. : Everything has become absolutely irrelevant, We met on several occasions in recent months, discussed dozens of ideas, disputed over political and history truth, but have not managed to agree about new mutual project. It is not easy. If I happen to live two or three years longer that I said I would, we might do something
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