They often hold a significant role, in their relationship with the characters. They can also symbolize an idea, a topic, a moral lesson for mankind.

Dino has a rabbit. In his hen house, he is practices every evening hypnosis. First on rabbit then on his friends...\\ \\ **Animals of the film** : a monkey, dogs, rabbits, pigeons. |
^ {{images:films:le_temps_des_gitans:galerie:le_temps_des_gitans_3.jpg|Time of the Gypsies Time of the Gypsies
The turkey of Perhan is the witness of a rough scene of negotiation between the grandmother of Pehran and the mother of her girlfriend. Jealous, Perhan's uncle will kill his turkey…

Animals of the film : a turkey, geese, a cat.
Arizona Dream Arizona Dream
It is the flying fish which generates the catastrophes. This fish (The Arrowtooth Flounder) comes from Alaska and has an eye which passes on other side of the face when it becomes adult. Axel, in his dream of North Pole, dreams that he fishes this fish. In New York, his work was to count fish, or rather… ”Most people think I count fish, but I don't. I listen to their dreams.

Animals of the film : The Arrowtooth Flounder, huskies, turtles, a dog, a small black pig.
Soni, Ivan's monkey accompanies the characters from the beginning to the end of the film. From the bombardment of the zoo where he escapes death, and to the suicide of Blacky, he is the only character to remain alive…

The fish Jovan is cooking after having left the underground is a clear reference to Arizona Dream.

Animals of the film : a parrot, Soni the monkey, a tiger, an elephant, a fish (dead-alive), a pig, a cat (being used to make Blacky's shoes shining), cows (outgoing of water), a stag (taken for a horse), a horse (white), a turkey, a flying goose.
Black Cat White Cat Black Cat, White Cat
A pig counts time by devouring an abandoned Traban car.

Animals of the film : two cats, dogs, ducks, turkeys, geese.
Life is a miracle
Life is a miracle
Life is a miracle
The real hero of the film is a depressive donkey. Like Soni in Underground, he can show more feelings and generosity than human beings in some scenes.
The cat is particularly funny. Having a strong apetite, he eats whatever comes under his mouth. In order to catch a pigeon on the roof of the house, he is even able to make hypnosis !
This hypnosis scene is maybe an homage to the French medieval poet Montaigne ? We can guess so, since in Essays - book I - chapter XX : “Of the force of the imagination (De la force de l'imagination)”, we can read :
We recently saw at my home a cat waiting for a bird at the top of a tree, having put his sight strongly one against the other, after a few time, the bird let himself fall in the cat's arms, as if he was dead, or drunk by its own imagination, or driven by some attractive force of the cat.
(On vit dernierement chez moy un chat guestant un oyseau au hault d'un arbre, et s'estans fichez la veuë ferme l'un contre l'autre, quelque espace de temps, l'oyseau s'estre laissé choir comme mort entre les pates du chat, ou enyvré par sa propre imagination, ou attiré par quelque force attractive du chat.)
(Montaigne, 1595) - note : translation is very difficult since the text is originally written in old French language and has subtleties impossible to translate in today's languages.

The animals of the film : a cat, a dog (arrived very young casually on the set, he was adopted by the crew and became a character in its own !), bears, chicks (ah… life is a miracle !), a mouse, a horse, geese, an eagle.
Promise me this
Crazyness of men reaches such summits, such an absurdity that vilains in this films become zoophiles ! Thus, Miki Manojlović and his friends have insane fantasies on cows, turkeys and even wild boars.

The animals of the film : A cow, a cat, a wild boar, a dressed chicken, a turkey.
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