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16 june 2003

  • New page : the Kitsch according to Emir Kusturica. Politic kitsch or artistic kitsch : a whole program…
  • Would you like to see Super 8 Stories, Black Cat, White Cat, Underground, or Arizona Dream on a big screen ? It is now at the “Quartier Latin” theatre (9, rue Champollion, 75005 Paris, Métro : Odéon, Cluny), during the Kusturica cycle. This cycle will last as long as people come… For more information, call +33 (0)
  • You have also the possibility to see (again) Super 8 Stories on TV : on Canal+ Green june 24 at 20.45 et on Canal+ june 25 at 2.55.
  • Underground DVD is for sale online (from Australia : zone 4) with english subtitles on site Release in France (TF1 video) is still planned for … “soon” !
  • Officiel site is updated with a small piece of new music…
  • 1999-2003, Churches and Monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija : European Cultural Heritage in Danger. Exhibition from june 19 to july 15 at the “Compagnie des Bateaux-mouches”, Pont de l'Alma, rive droite in Paris. For more information, see the link.
  • Cultural Center of Serbia and Montenegro organises a tribune on thursday june 19 at 19.30 : stabilization of democracy in Serbia and Montenegro with Prof. Vojin Dimitrijević
  • Two new posters of When father was away on business found on internet…
  • There was much snow this winter. Emir could rewrite the scenario and took advantage of the magnificent landscapes given to him…

9 june 2003

  • Rona Hartner (the romanian actress who plays in Gadjo Dilo) will make a concert on june 19 at Opus Café (167, quai de Valmy, Paris Xème) at 21.30, and on june 28 at Olympic Café (20 rue Léon, Paris XVIIIème).
  • Goran Bregović made the opening of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music in Morocco : From my soul to your soul : the art of transmission adapting the creation he had made last year for the Saint-Denis basilicum : his Weddings & Funerals orchestra was accompanied by the Belgrade choir, the Bulgarian Voices, the Moscow String Ensemble and the Tetouan arabo-andalou orchestra.
  • New link to, THE yugoslav community website in France. There, we can see pictures of the Boban Marković concert at the New Morning, on this direct link.
  • June program of Cultural Centre of Serbia and Montenegro is online, with among other activities, on june 12, a literature evening with Mireille Robin, Velibor Čolić's translator.
  • A new photo of the film : Emir has his own methods to direct the actors….

31 May 2003

  • Wednesday June 25th on “Ciné Auteur” channel will be broadcast at 20.30 an Aubry Mennesson documentary on cinema's fans for which I was interviewed. This documentary takes place among a serie of six episodes, each one corresponding to the theme of the channels of the “Ciné Cinéma” TV bouquet (available on cable TV or satellite). It will be composed of portraits of posters collectors, fans of Marylin Monroe, Takeshi Kitano, as well as genre movies…
  • Reminder : monday evening, there will be at the “New Morning” in Paris, an exceptionnal concert of Boban Marković Orkestar, who will play titles from Arizona Dream, Underground, Black Cat, White Cat, Time of the Gypsies, etc. For more informations…
  • Enki Bilal's new album comes in France on 4th june. Title is December 32nd. It will be available and translated in august.
  • A new picture of Life is a miracle : during a footbal scene, Emir, a cigare in his hand did not hesitate to have fun on the playground.
  • From June 12 to July 10, there will be a Gypsy Festival in Paris, organised by Tzig'Art. This music festival will gather the greates names of gypsy music and will be held in the Trianon (80 boulevard Rochechouart, 75018 Paris, métro Anvers). It takes part from a larer program “A russian summer in Montmartre”, which invites you to a trip in Russia through art (exposition at Montmartre museum), cinema (russian films projection at Studio 28), and music (with the gypsy festival). Program :
    • thursday june 12 at 20.00 : Les Yeux Noirs
    • thursday june 19 at 20.00 : Bratsch
    • friday june 27 at 20.00 : Opus 4 and Arbat
    • thursday july 3rd at 20.00 : O'djila and Slonovski Bal
    • thursday july 10th at 20.00 : Urs Karpatz

For more information :

23 May 2003

10 May 2003

  • New pictures : very nice panoramas of Mokra Gora, filming place of Life is a miracle
  • New page on photography directors : Vilko Filać, Thierry Arbogast and Michel Amathieu.
  • : the official site of the film will open on 1st september 2003, but for the moment a nice animation makes us wait…
  • A russian band Loyko pays hommage to Emir Kusturica with a song called Kusturiza in their last album. The band site :
  • Painting exposition of Miloš BAJIC at Serbia and Montenegro Cultural Centre
  • New rumor about a future project : a musical on Eduard Limonov…
  • TV : Time of the Gypsies will be broadcast on Cinéfaz on thursday 29 may at 20.45 in French and in original language on 3rd june at 22.20, and Black Cat White Cat on TV Breizh thursday 15th may at 19.45.
  • TV again : France 5 pays homage to Chaplin form 14 may to 25 may with a 10 episodes documentaire where contemporary directors (Kusturica, Costa-Gavras, Bertolucci, Chabrol, etc.) will make us rediscover the inventiveness and the universality of the films. The documentary on The Circus with Emir Kusturica will be broadcast Thursday May 15 at 13.10.
  • Cannes Film Festival will be during May 14 to May 25. Emir Kusturica will be there as president of Cinéfondation. He will give the Best Short Palm.

21 April 2003

  • The page on Life is a miracle is online. Still no release date ; a first cut is being done.
  • The jury of the 2003 Cannes Film Festival has been just announced : President Patrice Chéreau, will be surrounded by actresses Aishwarya Rai (India), Meg Ryan (United States) and Karin Viard (France). Napolitan writer Erri De Luca, French actor Jean Rochefort and directors Steven Soderbergh (American), Danis Tanović (Bosnian) and Jiang Wen (Chinese) will complete the group. The jury will announce the 2003 Prize at the time of the closure festival ceremony on May, 25th.
  • A new interview of Emir Kusturica from 1999, for the release of the film Black Cat, White Cat. Emir tells his great admiration for writer Ivo Andrić.
  • Addition of Enki Bilal in the directors page.
  • A few lines about L'Atalante by Jean Vigo were added in the Keys for Underground.

10 April 2003

  • Filming is over ! All the staff is exhausted this 13 months marathon… But the work is not over : today, nobody can pretend saying the film Life is a miracle will be released before the end of the year…
  • New high quality pictures, taken by Piere Langlois, at a No Smoking Orchestra concert in Montréal.
  • The april program of the Cultural Centre of Serbia & Montenegro in Paris is online.
  • New links on Babsi Jones, italian writer dedicated to ex-Yugoslavia.

5 April 2003

  • The english version is available ! English is not my mother language, if you happen to find mistakes, please let me know.
  • Jean-Luc Godard prepares a new film in Serbia : “Our Music”. His team is already arrived and he should start filming end april.
  • Goran Marković, author of Tito and Me was added in the directors page.
  • The Links page shows now the pictures of the sites.
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