News [Archives - 3rd quarter 2003]

20 september 2003

  • Time of the Gypsies's cinematographic rights for France have been purchased by Carlotta Films. A 35mm re-release on new copies was scheduled for december, 10th everywhere in France. But, due to a lot of releases at this time, it will probably be postponed to begining 2004. No information regarding a DVD release for the moment (rights can be purchased separately). Since more than ten years was the masterpiece not to be seen on screen : it's worth waiting another few months… See also Carlotta Films website :
  • The 1993 interview is now fully translated. Interesting to see how Emir saw Sarajevo at the time…

2 septembre 2003

  • And why not ”When life was a miracle” as a title for the new film ? This is Emir's last idea…
  • Two new Interviews : one recent, translated from july 2003 Ekstra Magazin, a Republika Srpska magazine, where Emir speaks about Politics, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Goran Bregović and other hot subjects. The older one comes from 1993, just after Arizona Dream was released. Very long and interesting, it shows the evolution of the director since the last 10 years, his choices, his carreer, his ideas.
  • A new project… already in The drawer ? Emir Kusturica shows interest in Argentine football player Diego Maradona. The men should meet soon to discuss a project… a documentary ? a biopic ? a fiction ? or… nothing at all ?
  • Two new books to read: Un peuple de promeneur by Alexandre Romanès, a rare and poetic book, and Enterrez-moi debout, l'odyssée des Gitans_FR by Isabel Fonseca, the most complete book to better understand the gypsies : the author spent several years among gypsy families in Albania, Romania, Poland… A great book.
  • The score of Ederlezi, received from a kustuphile internaute, stands by the lyrics.
  • Gypsies also have their own place in the people columns. AFP news from august 31st 2003 :

Romanian with gypsy origins, Ilie Stanescu, was entitled “international king of the Gypsies”, during a ceremony in the monastery of Curtea de Arges, 140 km in the north of Bucharest, broadcast on Romanian television.
Mr. Stanescu, who received this title Sunday under a “decree” signed by autoproclamed “emperor of the Roms”, Iulian Radulescu, was given a crown out of gold weighing more than a kilo, in front of several hundreds of moved “subjects”.
“The title of international king of the Gypsies is granted to His majesty Ilie Stanescu”, said during the religious service an orthodoxe priest, while making several times the sign of the cross. “It is a great day not only for me but also for all the orthodoxe ones”, declared the new “sovereign”, while leaving the 16th century monastery, where were crowned several Romanian princes and where in particular rest kings Carol 1st and Ferdinand.
The Church however did not see of a good eye this ceremony, a spokesman of Teoctist patriarch, the supreme head of the Romanian orthodoxe church, criticized the participation of priests in this “crowning”. The Gypsies of Romania, 536.000 officially but more than 1,5 million according to their leaders, also count another autoproclamed “king”, in the person of Florin Cioaba.

6 august 2003

  • The trailer of Neil Jordan's movie The good thief is available here.
  • Statistics give an idea of the Newsletter subscribers nationality : after the international extension, .fr are first.
  • Emir doesn't go to Venice, even not as a VIP : too much to do in Belgrade for editing !

19 july 2003

  • Release of Life is a miracle being delayed in 2004, the official site will not open in september 2003 as announced. Opening is scheduled for february 2004. The film takes shape… but Emir thinks again of changing the title… Nothing official for the moment.
  • The menus of the site have been redesigned with flash(TM) 6, for a better compatibility with the different browsers ans screen sizes. You can get a flash player compatible with your system here.
  • Neil Jordan's The good thief (in which plays Emir Kusturica) will be released in France on august, 13 2003. Being already released in the USA since april 2003, the zone 1 DVD is announced on Amazon for august, 19 2003.

4 july 2003

  • Stuck in a traffic jam not far from Belgrade, a journalist of Belgrade magazine “Glas javnosti” realised he was just behind Emir Kusturica, the time of some confidences. Emir was going to Zlatibor, city where he founded a cinema school. Editing of Life is a miracle goes on… But for the moment only half of a pre-cut is done. The film will thus not be ready for Venice. Released is now planned for beginning of 2004.
  • From July 16 to 29, the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris celebrates the gypsy music with funny and festives evenings where we'll be able to dance at the sound of the gysy, flamenco, rumba, Central Europe music… with an extra taste of Cuba. Program is :
    • July 16, Kek Lang (gypsy music of Hungary)
    • July 17, Gitans of Marseilles by Juan Carlos Principal (flamenco)
    • July 18, Kočani Orkestar (brass band of Macedonia)
    • July 19, Bratsch (Central Europe music)
    • July 20, Gypsy Women around Kostovitza (gypsy music of Romania), with Rona Hartner.
    • July 22-25, Tekameli (ballades and Catalan gypsy rumba) with Banda Municipal de Santiago de Cuba (cuban brass band)
    • July 28 and 29, Taraf de Haïdouks (Romania)

Extra information

  • Not far from there in the Park of La Villette, there will be the Romanès Circus which will settle this summer, from July 22 to August 23. “Father, mary me with a nomad so that breeze of the pines touches my hair”. Come to share the joy and the emotion of a gypsy wedding. Musicians play, the family sings, the children dance and the women cry. As a chef, Alexandre Romanès orchestrates this beautiful spectacle for which enchantement always primes over the exploit. Romanès present their new creation for the first time at La Villette.
  • New keys in Underground symbolics.
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