News [Archives - 3rd quarter 2004]

28 september 2004

  • Life is a miracle was screened on 25th september in Küstendorf, near Mokra Gora, surrounded by many people, among whom Serbia prime-minister Vojislav Koštunica. Despite the rain (but since Mokra Gora means wet mountain, it was a good sign…), everything was perfect. As the film stops the screenings in France at 536.000 entries in 18 weeks, the career of the film is going to start in the other countries.

  • A new TV commercial Emir Kusturica has directed is online : the one for the French bank Banque Populaire. Result of a 16 days expedition in Mongolia, this film shows once more the fascination of Emir Kusturica for great landscapes and nomad people.
  • About the DVD releases…
    • The DVD of Life is a miracle should not be released before end 2004, or more likely begin 2005. In theory, the film should be released in november 2004, but it won't be ready. Content of the “bonus” is till under negociation : will there be the CD-Rom for French Education Nationale, Marie-Christine Malbert's documentary “Tender Barbarian” ? It is not sure yet. But, for sure, there will be a making-of.
    • Underground is scheduled for DVD release in Fance by TF1 video in the first quarter 2005. The DVD was released in Germany this summer, and already exists in Belgium and the USA.
    • After the success of the release in theatres of Time of the Gypsies in France, Carlotta films is now thinking (at last !) a DVD release of the masterpiece. It is also scheduled for the first quarter 2005.
  • Emir has, as always, many projects in head, but he should start working on a new film within the next months.

20 september 2004

  • Two new sections on the site : the first one, dedicated to the TV Commercials Emir Kusturica has shot. A first film (Ali Baba) is available in streaming, other ones should be soon available.
  • The other new section… ? You to find it !
  • A new homage : the one paid to Jean Renoir, mainly through the bear hunt scene in his last film Life is a miracle.
  • Some information were added on the film Strawberries in the supermarket, by Dušan Milić, in which Emir plays a small part.
  • Emir Kusturica was decorated honourable citizen of Užice, where he spent a lot of time while shooting Life is a miracle.

2 september 2004

  • Emir Kusturica received in Belgrade, the King Stephan prize, as a reward for his whole career.
  • A new page gives now information on Küstendorf, the village Emir is building in Serbia.
  • Guča festival, the largest de trumpet meeting in the world took place like every year, in this little village of de Serbia, from august 4 to 8. Like the past years, it's one more time the Boban Marković Orkestar that made the best show… A section is now dedicated to this group in the gypsy music page.
  • Two Concerts in septembre in Italy are now annoucned : on september the 16th the No Smoking Orchestra will be in Lucca di Toscana, and on the 18th in Roma. Let us mention also that the film Life is a miracle will be released on italian screen on december 3rd.

7 august 2004

  • Emir Kusturica talks about the Palme d'or, given to Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 whereas his new film was in competition :

It's strange to me that a jury that started its work with extensive declarations about the importance and purpose of the film industry ended up by giving the Golden Palm to reportage, the entire importance of which is that it is trying to intervene and influence the election of the next American president. What is the difference between one American president and another ? I wonder. They're all really the same, they're all products of the media and they all declare that they want the same thing - to do well by the people and bring peace to the Middle East.

  • Federico Fellini deserved to be in the homages section. It is now done, with photos that leave no doubt on the relevance of Emir's nickname : the Fellini of the Balkans
  • Release dates of the film Life is a miracle are not already known in many countries, but here are the confirmed ones :
    • Russia, 2 September 2004
    • Argentina, 9 September 2004
    • Netherlands, 7 October 2004
    • Germany, 11 november 2004
    • Finland, 25 December 2004
    • Czech Republic, april 2005

28 july 2004

  • 4 new dates in France are announced for the 2004 tour of the No Smoking Orchestra :
    • 13 october in Saint Martin d'Hères
    • 15 october in Toulouse
    • 16 october in Nancy (with Rachid Taha)
    • 20 october in Lille

Many other concerts (but not yet confirmed) will take place in Italy, Germany, Spain, and then in South America in 2005.

  • Šaban Bajramović, the gypsy king of Serbia was added in the gypsy music page.
  • Gypsy music again, but in another kind : Ysa Ferrer has remixed the title Ederlezi in a techno-style. audio extracts can be heard on the official site :
  • Press review : after the recent re-release in France of Time of the Gypsies, famous french magazine Télérama mentioned the site :

The least we can say, is that Matthieu Dhennin loves Kusturica. The site he made on the director overflows of information. From the biography of the director to the files of ex-Yugoslavia, it abounds like in a film of the great Emir. It would be a pity that such a site remains underground…

  • DVD releases : on july 20th was released in Germany the Underground DVD with a 5.1 german version (where the serbian original version is only in 2.0 !) with the belgian edition bonuses. On august 30th shall be released in Great Britain the Arizona Dream DVD, but with no bonus.
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