News [Archives - 4th quarter 2004]

8 december 2004

  • Life is a miracle french DVD content has been announced by Studio Canal. It will be a double disc edition with :
    • The film in original language (serbian) 5.1 subtitled in French and in French language 5.1
    • deleted scenes
    • making-of
    • masterclass by Emir Kusturica
    • DVD rom from the CD done for the prix de l'éducation nationale received at Cannes 2004

This DVD will be released on 7th february 2005.

  • French DVD of Underground is still scheduled for 17th march 2005. A new information was received : the DVD is announced as a “double DVD collector”, but no information on the bonus.
  • Emir Kusturica has finished shooting of the short film for UNESCO. This piece is called ”Blue Gypsy” and tells the story of a gypsy who “tries” to become an honnest guy despite his environment. It's Stribor, Emir's son who wrote the script. Let us remind that the other direcors of this project are Mehdi Charef, Kátia Lund, Jordan & Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso et John Woo. The film should be released in 2006.
  • On 24th november, Emir Kusturica celebrated his 50th birthday on stage in Köln (Germany) with the No Smoking Orchestra

15 november 2004

  • Tour dates of The No Smoking Orchestra are regularly updated. Feel free to come back on the page from time to time.
  • “Tender Barbarian”, Marie-Christine Malbert's documentary will be presented at the rencontres du cinéma européen in Aubenas (France), from 15 to 21 november 2004. Emir Kusturica should have also been there, but he had to cancel because he's still shooting the short movie for UNESCO (All the invisible children). All the information on this festival :
  • “Tender Barbarian” will also be screened at Bucharest's festival in Romania, at the end of november.
  • Emir Kusturica won lawsuit against Andrej Nikolaidis, montenegrin journalist, who had in may published an article describing Emir Kusturica as “a media star of the Milošević war machine”. A Podgorica tribunal has judged that Nikolaidis had slandered Kusturica and damaged his reputation and that he should pay 5000 euros to the director.

20 october 2004

  • Life is a miracle is released in Quebec on december 3, 2004 and in Spain january 21st, 2005. After one month, the film has alredy been seen by 80.000 people in Serbia-Montenegro.
  • The “Life is a miracle tour” continues on its success ! Each evening, the concerts are sold-out… Two new dates are announced : people of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg in Russia will have the possibility to see Emir Kusturica and his group have fun on stage, in december.
  • It's official : TF1 video will release Underground in DVD in France on march 17th, 2005. Precise content of the DVD will be announced here as soon as possible.
  • Also, the world first DVD release of Time of the Gypsies is confirmed. It is scheduled for march 2005.
  • A new TV Commercials Emir Kusturica has directed in the 90's is online : the one for Parisienne, swiss cigarette brand. On the theme of the fire and the circus, the film is smooth and aesthetic. We also hear a rearanged version of a well-known tune of Goran Bregović.
  • A new section on the Kočani Orkestar in the gypsy music page.
  • On satellite channel Mezzo, on friday october 29th at 22.00 will be broadcast the Christophe Touslain documentary : “Jazz festival - L'été indien : Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra aux Nuits atypiques de Langon 2004”.
  • Some little changes on the site, among which new film posters.

6 octobre 2004

  • Emir & Maja Kusturica at the première screening of the film Life is a miracle in Belgrade.
  • Life is a miracle DVD is scheduled for release in France on 7th febuary 2005.
  • The concerts list was updated with dates in Zürich, Stockholm, Wien and other. And for his 50th birthday, Emir will be with his group in Köln, on 24th november !
  • A new TV commercial Emir Kusturica has shot is online : the one for XS perfume, by Paco Rabanne.
  • Emir shall soon shoot the short film he promised to UNICEF, for the project All the invisible children. It's Stribor Kusturica who has written the script. 6 other directors also work on this project : Mehdi Charef, Kátia Lund, Jordan & Ridley Scott, Stefano Veneruso and John Woo.
  • The Centre Culturel de Serbie et Monténégro in Paris organises on october, 12 a concert for the reconstruction of Chilandar monastery.
  • …and many other changes, here or there…
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