News [Archives - 4th quarter 2006]

20 december 2006

  • Some news from the punk Opera "Time of the Gypsies" :
    • The libretto is being completed, with the help of specialists of rrom language : it will be the first opera in the world entirely in rrom (gypsy) language. The opera will not contain recitativo (all the lyrics will be sung), but a subtitle display will allow the audience to have the translation in real time.
    • The music is composed by Dr. Nele Karajlić, Dejan Sparavalo and Stribor Kusturica, from the No Smoking Orchestra, and will be interpreted on stage by the band, with a full 37 musicians symphonic orchestra. It will consist of new compositions between traditionnal and classical music. A new version of the traditionnal song Edelerzi will also be in the opera. Since I have the chance to have heard some parts of the music, I can already say it's very exciting !
    • Emir Kusturica will direct the mise en scène himself. Dr. Nele Karajlić will play the part of Ahmed.
    • A CD with the opera music will be released one month before the première in Paris, and will be distributed by Palass. Later in the year, a DVD will also be released, containing the whole opera.
    • After the shows in Paris, at the opéra Bastille, in june and july, the opera will tour, notably in Valencia, Spain.
  • Studiocanal announces the release of Arizona Dream in HD DVD format on 5 march 2007. The film is announced as “long version”, certainly to indicate it will include the famous final deleted scene of Axel's wedding.
  • First dates - not yet confirmed for the moment - are circulating indicating the release of Maradona in may 2007.
  • Year 2007 will be pretty intense, since the new film Promise me this is also expected (for the festival de Cannes ?). Anyway, the soundtrack of the film will also be distributed by Palass.
  • A new article from the Courrier des Balkans on my book was put online on 6 december.
  • To French-speaking Canadian people : my book is now sold online on
  • Last, this winter Emir has much worked in his village, to build … a ski domain !
  • With a few days in advance… merry christmas and happy new year !

24 november 2006

Blue Gypsy

  • Happy birthday, Emir !
  • The DVD of All the invisible children (including the short film Blue Gypsy is released in Germany on 30 november. It can be ordered on
  • Since the end of the shooting of Promise me this, Emir Kusturica has little spoken to the press. Yet, we have learnt he chose an old song of Halid Bešlić, that he much worked in village, to prepare it to winter sports, and that he reworked some scenes of Maradona. Both films should still be released in 2007.
  • They are not yet ready, but in 2007, two books are going to be released on Emir Kusturica : a French one, written by Jean-Max Méjean which will give a passionate analysis of the films, and an English one, written by Stephen Lowenstein, compilation of interviews of many great direcors about their first film. Emir Kusturica speaks of Dolly Bell.

26 october 2006

  • During the Cannes Film Festival, in 2005, Emir Kusturica was president of the jury. French channel Canal+ honoured him by creating a puppet for its satyric show Les guignols de l'info. 4 episodes with Emir Kusturica can be seen on this page.
  • Spotlights on … Mister K. This film by Ronan Dénécé and Augustin Legrand is a deliciously mad film searching for Master Emir Kusturica, in a literal way as well as a physical way. On the roads of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, this road movie puzzles onirism, meetings, Animals, and strange adventures… to finish triumphally on the shooting set of the film Life is a miracle. And there, the miracle of improvisation happened : Emir Kusturica, surprised by the apparition of these crazy Frenchmen, liked the idea, and gently played with them…
  • Some news of Promise me this : the shooting is likely to be finished, and a working version of the film has been shown to Russian filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov (who came to visit Küstendorf) and who said impressed by the film.
  • A new article on my book was printed recently in French newspaper L'Hebdo de Charente-Maritime.
  • European network NISI MASA (supported by filmakers Emir Kusturica, Dominik Moll, Dani Levy and Fernando Trueba) organises a short films contest called “Survive Style”, open to all european filmmakers from 18 to 30 years, living in the UE, Southeast of Europe, Turkey and Caucasus countries. Filmmakers have until 15 december 2006 to send 10 minutes maximum short films (fiction, documentary, animation or experimental films) exploring the theme of survival of young people in a fastly transforming Europe under the impact of the globalization and the people migrations felt as oportunities or constraints. All the information :

14 october 2006

  • Emir Kusturica's village, Küstendorf has now its official website : You'll find there pictures galleries, pratical information, artistic exhibitions in the village, with the comments of Emir Kusturica. Of course… with music ! The site is available in English and in Serbian.
  • A new interview is online : a conversation between Emir Kusturica and Diego Maradona, published in january 2006.
  • A new article on my book was printed today in French newspaper La Voix du Nord.
  • Some news from Stribor Kusturica : after having acted and composed the musique for the new film of his father (Promise me this), Stribor will starts his own band. Yet, he will still continue to tour with the No Smoking Orchestra.
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