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25 march 2007

The new version of the website is online !

The previous site was completely transfered in both languages (French and English) on the new server. Now there are more than 300 articles online in both languages, more than 1000 pictures, 35 music files to listen, and 17 videos to watch… More than a clean-up and new articles, new functionalities are also installed, such as RSS streams, a powerful internal search engine, or subdomains ( arrives directly on the French part of the website, or for the Forum). This new website is built on a wiki engine for more reactivity, and later, new languages.

Programme :

  • more images, more photos, more videos, more information, and now : music ! Some chosen extracts of different albums can be listened to online. I'll try to change them from time to time, and to add new ones.
  • Navigation changed : beside the Site map which remains close to the previous one (the metro map), the navigation bar on the right allows to access directly to most of the different sections of the site. Moreover, in some pages, an index of the connected pages appear at the bottom.
  • In no particular order, here are some of the novelties of the site : the trailer of Super 8 Stories ; new books : the Photomonography of the No Smoking Orchestra and Emir Kusturica by Jean-Max Méjean ; new Interviews ; new files on the actors ; more complete biographies of the No Smoking Orchestra, Zabranjeno Pušenje and Bijelo Dugme ; more information on the films in which Emir Kusturica has played ; new files on the Directors from the Balkans, on Literature, and on Balkan music ; etc.
  • Some news about Maradona : after the last trip Emir Kusturica made in Argentina (see the previous news), Emir has declared he had finally finished the shooting. But since there's still lot of work for editing, it won't be ready before 2008. Emir got nervous by the length this project took and he declared : ”Diego is a child. He has no notion of the time. I went three times in Argentina for nothing, but I finally managed to make the interview I needed to finish my film”. Finally, Emir Kusturica has given new details about how he wants to organize the different parts of the film, inserting with special effects, historic characters inside the famous football scenes of Maradona. ”I will replace them by Thatcher, Prince Charles, Georges Bush (Senior and Junior) and pope John-Paul II. A nice brochette, but I still miss the other ones…”.
  • I'll tell you more about this later, but a collector edition of Time of the Gypsies is being prepared in France : the film will be fully restored and will be packed with many exclusive bonuses… Release scheduled for 6 June 2007.
  • A big thanks to all the persons who helped (and still help me) by sending information, links or pictures.

9 march 2007

  • The two main actors for the punk Opera "Time of the Gypsies" have been found ! They are : Stevan Andjelković (Perhan) and Milica Todorović (Azra). Those two young singers have been found after their appearance in the very popular show on Serbian TV searching for new talents… We will see them in the opéra Bastille in Paris in june.
  • Emir Kusturica is currently in Argentina to shoot some last pictures for his film Maradona.
  • In Küstendorf, Emir Kusturica has launched a “biorevolutionary” fruit juice brand. Among the available flavours, we can choose between “Che Guevarra” (redberry), “Fidel Castro” (blackberry) or even “Josip Broz Tito” (bilberry). Emir has reserved his own name for the strawberry flavour… Initially aimed at the village's visitors, Emir Kusturica whishes to distribute his production abroad.
  • An old project is tunring into reality : Emir Kusturica is said to have finished his book “diary of a political idiot”. The title is not yet definitive… And there's still no release date…
  • All the invisible children was released on the screens in Belgium on 28/02/07.
  • There's still some work to do, but the new website should open in a few weeks.

8 february 2007

  • Emir Kusturica was made knight of arts and literature today in Paris. He received his prize from the hands of the French minister of culture Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres. The Order awards « those who distinguished themselves by their creations in the artistic or literature domains or by the significant propagation of arts or literature in France and in the world». The minister said : ”Kusturica is a giant, an artist who carries inside of him all what Europe represents as positive values, of dramas and tragedies. he's an artist of a very specific strength and genius.
  • The new site goes on well, but there is still lot of work… Meanwhile, don't hesitate to send me your ideas or suggestions.

28 january 2007

  • The website will soon be completely rebuilt with new pages, more information, more images, more videos, more musique, and some surprises ! The new site is expected to be opened at the end of february. Please be patient…
  • Stephen Frears was chosen to be president of the jury of the next festival de Cannes. Some rumours announce already Emir Kusturica's new film Promise me this in official competition… More info soon.
  • Bookings for the punk Opera "Time of the Gypsies" are already open on the website (booking in English available). On the opéra Bastille website, bookings will open on 14 february. Meanwhile, the No Smoking Orchestra is working in the studios…
  • While he's finishing the editing of his last film, Emir Kusturica took some pleasure by opening himself the new ski domain in Küstendorf.
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