News [Archives - 3rd quarter 2007]

10 september 2007

Papa est en voyage d'affaires - DVD français

  • 21/11/07 : Marseille, France (Les Docks)
  • Waiting for Promise me this to come onto the screens at the end of the year, you can still watch some old Commercials that Emir Kusturica has shot in the 90's : Renault, Sugar, and a German film for an AIDS campaign.
  • Finally, Emir Kusturica's next project, Mexico, is getting more precise : rumours speak of Guillermo Arriaga for writing the script, and Javier Bardem as main actor. Let's recall that the shooting should start in march 2008 in Russia and will be a biography of Pancho Villa.

24 july 2007

  • After the triumph in Paris with the Opera "Time of the Gypsies", and before the next staging of the opera in Valencia (Spain) in 2008, the No Smoking Orchestra starts a new tour this autumn. Here are the first dates of the 2007/2008 tour :

Chat Noir Chat Blanc - the new mk2 DVD

  • 05/10/07 : St Petersburg, Russia (Smal Arena - Ubileiniy)
  • 06/10/07 : Moscow, Russia (Hall Drujba - Lujniki)
  • 18/11/07 : Strasbourg, France (Laiterie)
  • 19/11/07 : Paris, France (Bataclan)
  • 22/11/07 : Lyon, France (Transbordeur)
  • 23/11/07 : Lausanne, Switzerland (Dock)
  • 24/11/07 : Lille, France (Aeronef)
  • 27/11/07 : Toulouse, France (Bikini)
  • 28/11/07 : Bordeaux, France (Krakatoa)
  • 30/11/07 : Clermont Ferrand, France (Cooperative de mai)
  • 31/01/08 : Porto, Portugal (Coliseum)
  • 01/02/08 : Lisbon, Portugal (Coliseum)

Most of the dates are already open for booking !

  • A DVD with the whole Opera "Time of the Gypsies", as well as a making-of will be available at the autumn.
  • The release in France of the new collector DVD edition of Black Cat, White Cat is confirmed for 26 septembre by mk2. The film will have a second disc full of bonuses, among which the documentary “Kusturica, tendre barbare” by Marie-Christine Malbert (50 minutes), and other films by Jonas Rosales, who had already signed the bonus of the DVD Time of the Gypsies.
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