News [Archives - 3rd quarter 2008]

21 September 2008

  • Emir Kusturica has signed the music for Guillaume Durand's new show on French TV ”L'objet du scandale”. The music is a “balkanized” version of the Pink Panther anthem.
  • About the Pancho Villa project, Emir Kusturica has recently declared that his friend Javier Bardem had read the script, and loved it. If everything goes well, the shooting should start next summer.
  • British journalist Dina Iordanova (author of several books on cinema, among which an excellent biography of Emir Kusturica) has recently written an article on the film Maradona. You can read the very interesting article on her blog :
  • Warning, some concert dates have changed in the No Smoking Orchestra tour. Here are the next shows scheduled this autumn :
    • 27/09/08 : Krusevac, Serbia
    • 12/10/08 : Santiago du Chili, Chili
    • 15/10/08 : Buenos Aires, Argentina (Luna Park)
    • 17/10/08 : Montevideo, Uruguay
    • 31/10/08 : Saint-Vincent, Italy
    • 01/11/08 : Padoue, Italy
    • 05/11/08 : Oslo, Norway
    • 22/11/08 : Thessalonique, Greece
    • 29/11/08 : Belgrade, Serbia (Arena)
  • Also in tour, Goran Bregović has now totally recovered from the accident he had this summer. He'll be touring the autumn and winter throughout the world to play his forthcoming new album Alkohol.

9 August 2008

  • Even if the shooting of Farewell changed his calendar, Emir Kusturica didn't forget his new film project (“Mexico”). He even talked once again of it recently. The working title would be “The seven friends of Pancho Villa”, and the shooting should take place next year in Russia, Serbia and Mexico. Let's wait…
  • About Farewell, don't miss the “anecdotes” section in the page of the film which tells different episodes of a funny and incredible shooting…
  • A new Statistics page was added to the site : you can find there information on the site, but also on the visitors and on the most read pages.
  • The DVD of Promise me this will be released in France on 02/09/08 and in Germany on 19/09/08. It is already available as pre-order on and
  • Finally, let's mention that on 16 September will be held in Brussels the first European Summit for Gypsies. This summit will consider the increasing discriminations that they suffer throughout Europe.

10 July 2008


  • Some news of Farewell : the shooting of Christian Carion's film has begun in France and Ukraine. New photos have been added to the page of the film, taken in the streets of Kiev. Near Paris, huge sets have been built : the ovale desk of the White House, a KGB prison or even a Moscow flat… The film for which Emir Kusturica will have the lead role next to Guillaume Canet and William Dafoe will also star Ronald Reagan and François Mitterrand… more real than nature… The shooting will last all summer and the film should be finished by the end of april 2009. The producer, Christophe Rossignon, says : ”In the skin of the famous KGB spy who offered his services to the west, strange and particularly complex character, incredibly mimetic, Emir Kusturica is just exceptional.
  • The Opera "Time of the Gypsies" will finally be played in Athens this fall, from 20 to 30 septembre.
  • Then, the No Smoking Orchestra tour will continue ! The band will go to Latin America, and then come back to Europe… :
    • 13/10/08 : Santiago de Chili, Chili
    • 15/10/08 : Buenos Aires, Argentina (Luna Park)
    • 16/10/08 : Montevideo, Uruguay
    • 17/10/08 : Guadalajara, Mexico
    • 18/10/08 : Mazatlan, Mexico
    • 19/10/08 : Culiacan, Mexico
    • 29/10/08 : Padova, Italy
    • 30/10/08 : Napoli, Italy
    • 05/11/08 : Oslo, Norway
    • 22/11/08 : Thessaloniki, Grece
    • 29/11/08 : Belgrade, Serbia (Arena)
  • The website of the No Smoking Orchestra has been redesigned. New concert photos have been added.
  • Still on internet, have a look at the brand new Stribor Kusturica's website :
  • Also, regarding, it is this month mentioned as the Dokuwiki of the month on dokuwiki's creator website. Dokuwiki is an excellent and powerful wiki engine, on which this site is built. May I take this opportunity to thank Andi and the Dokuwiki community.
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