News [Archives - 2nd quarter 2010]

14 June 2010

  • The 4th edition of the Küstendorf Film and Music Festival is taking shape ! It is now possible to send your film for submission to the jury, and hope to win the Golden Egg. The conditions ? Having directed a short film as a student, or as self-taught non-released filmmakers. All the details on the official site of the festival.
  • Golden eggEmir Kusturica will executive produce the Italien film “Mozarella Stories” (a dark comedy), by Edoardo De Angelis. The shooting is scheduled at the end of the summer, near Naples. Edoardo De Angelis had been seen at the last Küstendorf Film and Music Festival where his film “Beach Boy” was in competition. Source :
  • has now more than 1000 fans on facebook ! Thanks to all.

11 May 2010

  • Between two concerts with the No Smoking Orchestra, Emir Kusturica is now in Greece, for the shooting of the film of Olivier Horlait, A Greek Summer. About this film, Emir has declared it ”speaks in a beautiful and romantic way about people who live today as they did in earlier times, because they are tied to nature and moved by love for animals.
  • A new project in The drawer ! Hollywood reporter claims that the producer Johnny Lin, through his production company Filmula, would have hired Emir Kusturica to direct the film “Tweakers Delight”, after ”Wild Roses, Tender Roses”, the film on Pancho Villa which is likely to be shot only in 2011, so needless to say this new project is not for now. Moreover, on this big budget ($35 millions) film, we know very little : it would be about a man who has 24 hours to straighten out his life or he will lose custody of his son.
  • Emir Kusturica has recently claimed again having (at last) completed his book, which is no longer called “diary of a political idiot”, but “where am I in the story ?”. The information is to be taken at the conditional because this book has been already announced several times in the past. It is now supposed to be released in June, but there is no evidence in the trading websites.
  • Between 12 to 18 June, will be held the Taormina Festival in Italy. Emir Kusturica will receive the Roma-Mediterranean Award for the Dialogue between Cultures.
  • And all the summer, the concerts of the No Smoking Orchestra continue.

10 April 2010

  • Shall we, one day, see the third part of the “Sarajevo trilogy” ? Abdulah Sidran and Emir Kusturica had this project to make a third film together, after Do you remember Dolly Bell ? and When father was away on business. But the Palme d'Or received for the second one gave new possibilities for Emir Kusturica, and their route diverged. Then if the two personalities didn't have good relationships for years, they reconciled last year, and since then, they meet regularly ; last week, they met twice, in Gorazde then in Küstendorf, and have discussed precise projects. Sidran would even have a script and a producer, but all this shall be kept secret for the moment.
  • In March, a rumour spread on internet, telling that Tahar Rahim (the main actor of the French film “A Prohet”, by Jacques Audiard, nominated at the Oscars) would be begociating to have the main role in the forthcoming Emir Kusutirca film : Cool Water. But Tahar denied : ”I didn't met him, we haven't discussed.” Yet, he adds : ”but it would be a pleasure and an honour to work with this guy”. Let's follow this…
  • Olivier Horlait's film, Nikostratos, with Emir Kusturica, would now be called A Greek Summer. The shooting will start within a month, in Greece.
  • Note : many new concert dates of the No Smoking Orchestra for the forthcoming weeks & months :
    • 07/05 : Segre (Fest Shake it easy), France
    • 08/05 : Carcassone (Festival Chapiteuf), France
    • 12/05 : Santiago de Compostela (Campus sur universitario), Spain
    • 13/05 : Braga (Axa Stadium), Portugal
    • 14/05 : Madrid (Planeta Madrid), Spain
    • 30/05 : St Laurent de Cuve (Fest Papillons de Nuit), France
    • 03/06 : Luxembourg (L'arelier), Luxembourg
    • 04/06 : Maubeuge (Les Folies de Maubeuge), France
    • 05/06 : Pontoise (Furia Sound Festival), France
    • 09/06 : Lisbonne (Coliseum), Portugal
    • 11/06 : Sébazac (Skabazac), France
    • 18/06 : Tallin (Maailmakula), Estonia
    • 04/07 : Toronto (Jazz Festival), Canada
    • 05/07 : Montreal (Le Festival International de Jazz), Canada
    • 08/07 : Quebec (Festivel d'été), Canada
    • 10/07 : Philadelphia (World Cafe Live), USA
    • 14/07 : New York (Lincoln Center Festival), USA
    • 17/07 : Lodz (Widzew Lodz Stadium), Poland

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