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26 March 2011

  • The long love-story between Emir Kusturica and the Cannes Film Festival will continue and a new chapter will be written this year : Emir Kusturica will, indeed, be president of the “un certain regard” jury, during the 64th festival of Cannes, which will take place from 11 to 22 May 2011.

Pancho Villa

  • The release in France of Emir Kusturica's autobiography where am I in the story ? is postponed to the 6th of April.
  • Emir Kusturica has spent these last days in Cuba, where he has played in one of the short films of Seven days in Havana, a franco-spanish projectcomposed of seven short films made by international directors which aim to capture and to transmit the essence of the Cuban capital. Each film will tell a story happening on one day of the week, through the ordainary life of different people. Emir Kusturica played in the film of Argentine director Pablo Trapero (Leonera, Carancho) ; the other directors are Benicio Del Toro, for his first film, the Cuban Juan Carlos Tabio (Strawberries and chocolate), French Laurent Cantet (entre les murs, palme d'or in Cannes), franco-argentine Gaspar Noé (Irréversible), Palestinian Elia Suleiman (Intervention divine) and Spanish Julio Medem (Tierra)
  • Still in category ”Emir Kusturica, actor”, Emir has also played this winter in the Serbian film “Vir”, by Bojan Vuk Kosovcevic, with Mirjana Karanović. Let's also recall we're still waiting also for the release of the film A Greek Summer, where he plays the role of a Greek orthodox priest.
  • Musique, now, with the No Smoking Orchestra tour that continues :
    • 04/04 Thessaloniki / Greece
    • 05/04 Athena / Greece
    • 06/04 Athena / Greece
    • 13/05 SAA / Faro / Portugal
    • 14/05 SAL / Lisbon / Portugal
    • 28/05 State Misto Festival / Lviv / Ukraine
    • 25/06 La Défense Jazz Festival / Paris / France
    • 01/07 Au Foin de la rue / Saint Denis de Gatines / France
    • 02/07 Festi Route / Tournon sur Rhône / France
    • 22/07 San Letnje Noci / Praha / Czech Republic
    • 27/07 Festival Emmaus / Pau - Lespar / France
    • 28/07 Nuits du Sud / Vence / France
    • 29/07 Svinks Mixed / Boechou / Belgium
    • 30/07 Fête du Cognac / Cognac / France

22 February 2011

Pancho Villa

  • On 23rd March, will be released in France the French translation of Emir Kusturica's autobiography : Où suis-je dans cette histoire ? (available on On 31st March, it will then be released in Italy : Dove sono in questa storia (I narratori) (available on There is no sign for translation and availability in other languages nor other countries for the moment.
  • Literature again, it looks like Emir Kusturica is willing to spend more time writing, because he declared in a interview to the TV of Republika Srpska that he wanted to write a novel about a young director haunted by the character of Dostoevsky.
  • Book, again : let's mention the re-edition of the magnificent photo album of Dragan Teodorovic “Zeko” : the Photomonography of the no smoking orchestra gets many new pictures to celebrate the 10 years of the band (on
  • Still in the drawer, the project to adapt the famous novel of Ivo Andrić The Bridge over the Drina made some noise recently. Indeed, his project getting stuck with local difficulties, Emir Kusturica decided to inform the foreign press. The idea is to build an historical stone villageas a shooting place, near the old bridge of Višegrad, on the same principle as Küstendorf, in order to make of it afterwards a durable tourist place.
  • Rumours again, about Pancho Villa : according to, exit Johnny Depp, it is now very likely to be either Benicio del Toro either Gael Garcia Bernal who would play the famous Mexican hero. We can suppose that the latter has more chance, since he was recently received at the 4th Küstendorf Film and Music Festival. Anyway, Emir should meet them both soon in Cuba, before deciding.

13 January 2011

Sonya Karpunina

  • Yesterday ended the fourth Küstendorf Film and Music Festival, where we could meet big names of the Cinema planet such as Abbas Kiarostami, Nikita Mikhalkov or Gael Garcia Bernal, but also cinema students from all around the world. The prizes are the following :
    • The Press award : to the american-lebaneese film “The Fifth Column”, by Vatche Boulghourjian.
    • The Vilko Filač award for best cinematography : to the swedish film “Quan”, by Johann Holmquist.
    • The bronze egg : to the serbian film “Golden League” by Ognjen Isailovic.
    • The silver egg : to the polish film “Tomorrow I’ll be Gone”, by Julia Kolberger.
    • Then, the golden egg : to the Russian film “The Chance”, by Sonya Karpunina. Vincent Maraval, jury president, motivated his decision recognizing this film’s original and effective narrative style; and adding that it was a film that's filled with life and energy.

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