News [Archives - 3nd quarters 2012]

News - 12 august 2012

Our Life

  • Between two concerts with the No Smoking Orchestra, Emir Kusturica gives here and there an interview. During one of them, given to the Chinese Radio International, we could learn that Emir had a new film project, based on the short film Our Life that he directed last year in the monastery of Trebinje, in Republika Srpska. He would take back his role of orthodox monk and play with Sloboda Mićalović. Shooting is supposed to start this fall. But with all the projects accumulating in The drawer, this information has to be taken carefully.
  • In Andrićgrad, works go on. Milorad Dodik (the current Prime minister of Republika Srpska) has announced that a prize will be created for slavic literature, gifted with 100.000 euros. The prize will be given in the new “Town hall” in Andrićgrad.
  • Stribor Kusturica is working with his band “the poisonners” on a new album. It should be released in spring 2013. (Source :
  • Last, don't forget that submissions are open for the next edition of the Küstendorf Film and Music Festival, that will take place in january 2013. All the information on

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