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News - 1st december 2012

Küstendorf 2013

  • Küstendorf 2013 : “full of stars”. The poster of the sixth édition of Emir Kusturica's student film festival, organised each year in Küstendorf, has just been unveiled. Among other expected stars, indeed, Monica Bellucci is already announced.
  • As Emir Kusturica was in Marrakech (at the Festival International du Film Marocain) this week-end, he announced wanting to direct a film in French language in 2013 : “A Morrocan history”, with Tahar Rahim, Leïla Bekti and Monica Bellucci. Yet another project in The drawer ? (source :
  • After Küstendorf, Andrićgrad (where the buildings take now a good shape), has Emir Kusturica a new town project ? This is, anyway, what this article says in In Kraljevo, in the heart of Serbia, in the shadow of the Maglič castle, in the Ibar valley he proposes to build a medieval city in stones. Source :
  • Least, let's mention that Emir Kusturica was chairman of the jury at the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, from 21 to 29 september. At this occasion, he talked about his project of transforming his short film Our Life into a full length movie ; this new film would be called “Love and War” ; he also promised to the inhabitants of St Petersburg the première of the film when it will be finished. This makes many projects in The drawer… Source :

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