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News - 28 december 2015

Shooting of On the milky way is just finished with the last takes in Trebinje, in a big swimming pool. Started in June 2013, the shooting will have lasted two years and a half, incredible length for any director, but almost usual for Emir Kusturica. Beginning of december, Monica Bellucci, the main actress of the film, said in an interview ”It's a thrilling experience. Anyway, it's difficult to say “no” to Emir Kusturica. I wished to work with him since « Time of the Gypsies ». « On the milky way » is really his film : he is director, producer and plays the lead role… This film takes you during the war and evokes relationships shaken between love and war. Kusturica has a very special way to work. The script is a base but on the set, he has much imagination, many new ideas…”. The film should be presented at the next Cannes Film Festival.

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