Balkan music

The good Persian king Bahram Djour was moved by the complaints by his most stripped people. They wanted music, they wanted to make parties like the rich. Bahram Djour obtain from his father-in-law, king Shankal of Kanauj living in the valley of the Gange, to send him twelve thousand musicians. When they arrived, the king gave them everything to live by cultivating the ground : a donkey, an ox and thousand loads of corn each. But after one year, he saw them completely hungry ; because they simply ate their oxen and their corn. Irritated, the king advised them to put slik cords at their instruments, jump on their donkeys and go to live from now on… of their music ! (Al-Firdusi, philosopher and historian)

The gypsy people, inheriting from this population coming from India took the road some thousand years ago… but kept his music !

Šaban Bajramović
Living legend in Serbia, he is called the “king of the Gypsies”, or the “Frank Sinatra of the Rroms”. He is a huge artist who wrote more than 650 songs, among which the famous song Mesecina…

Balkan Beat Box
The Balkan Beat Box is a band coming from the underground New York scene, where the musician didn't forget their roots, and have ignored any notion of border in their music…

Bijelo Dugme
Cult rock band of Yugoslavia in the years 70-80, created by Goran Bregović

Great group using klezmer, gypsy, or eastern rythms and tunes…

Django Reinhardt
Legend of the gypsy jazz, Django appears in three songs we hear in the film Arizona Dream

Fanfare Ciocarlia
The Fanfare Ciocarlia groups eleven musicians coming from a small village in Romania and who play faster than anyone else…

Kočani Orkestar
The Kočani Orkestar has participated to some scenes of Underground and Time of the Gypsies

Boban Marković
We hear the Boban Marković's trumpets in Underground and Arizona Dream

No Smoking Orchestra
The punk-folk-rock band of Emir Kusturica and Dr. Nele Karajlić

Slonovski Bal

Taraf de Haïdouks
Romanian band constituated by a dozen of Lautari. Their name is an homage to the Haidouks, the legendary honour bandit mentioned in the medieval ballads…

Zabranjeno Pušenje
Yugoslav punk band created in the 80's by Nele Karajlić

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