Bratsch is a French group founded in 1975 by Dan Gharibian and Bruno Girard, joined a few years later by Pierre Jacquet, François Castiello and Nano Peylet. Coming from free jazz, these musicians share the same admiration for the klezmer, gypsy, Eastern Europe rhythms. Often in tour, they composed many superb albums with entertaining sounds and melodies, on serious or merry subjects.

We are not real traditional musicians, says François Castiello. In France, we do not have a very rich musical tradition, whereas, in the Romanian, Yugoslav, Bulgarian musics, there are extraordinary things to discover on expression and play. We are in front of these musics like white European musicians in front of the jazz in the Fifties.

Bratsch goes on a journey in gestures, atmospheres, dream. Their music and their spectacle evoke the myth : the myth of the remote village, the myth of the migration, the myth of the “gypsyland”. ”We are dreamers. We have much fantasies on music. People over there do not play it like that. I played recently with a brass band of Macedonia : they play during repetitions, before the repetitions, after the repetitions, they will play in the street as they wake up, they still play after the concert. They do not play only for the people sitting in front of the stage.


The “bratsche” is a violin with three cords, used by the Gypsies in pizzicato, replacing the percussions in Romania and Hungary.


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