Cannes Film Festival

People think they are only born once. In fact, people are born several times. They are born again each time joy wins over sadness and suffering that men continuously fight against, before falling again into it by the spiritual attraction force and definding once more time. It's inside these bursts of joy, only feeling that I know, that men can be reborn. I was born several times, and I'm sure one of my births took place in Cannes.

(Emir Kusturica, in Les Visiteurs de Cannes, by Gilles Jacob, Hatier, 1992)


Cannes 1985 Emir Kusturica with Moreno d'E Bartolli and Mirjana Karanovic Almost unknown from the public, Emir Kusturica was also unknown from the organizers. Warned of his arrival, it's the Emir of Costa-Rica that was expected with a red carpet at the airport…

Nevertheless, the Emir will win his first Golden Palm for When father was away on business, prize given unanimously (this is quite rare) by the Jury of Miloš Forman.


Cannes 1989 Emir Kusturica and Isabella Rosselini Emir Kusturica lands with a band of Gypsies and puts colours to the Croisette : Time of the Gypsies wins the Best Director prize. Ljubica Adžović, invited to a restaurant with Gilles Jacob, president of the festival, is convinced she has eaten with president … Chirac !


Cannes 1992 Arizona Dream isn't finished, but Emir comes to Cannes with Johnny Depp, Vincent Gallo and Lili Taylor. He's already feeling at home.


Cannes 1993 Emir Kusturica is member of the jury of Louis Malle. They give two Golden Palms : Farewell My Concubine by Chen Kaige, and The piano by Jane Campion.


Cannes 1995 Still shooting in January, Underground is finished just in time to be selected. Falling right in the news, there are many discussions and tensions between the jury members, but Jeanne Moreau, the president convinces the members and give him his second Golden Palm. This Prize creates some violent The polemic 'Underground' in the French press, initiated by an article of Alain Finkielkraut, even thought he hadn't seen the film.

Emir Kusturica and Teo Angelopoulos This year, for the public and for the journalists, Teo Angelopoulos' film (Ulysses' Gaze) was the big favourite, and during the ceremony, when he was called to receive the Grand prix du Jury, he told a shocked and suddenly silent audience ”If this is what you have to give me, I have nothing to say.” But apparently, Angelopoulos didn't blame Kusturica…


Cannes 1997 For the 50 years of the festival, the past winners are invited to a big party. There, Emir Kusturica meets Francis Ford Coppola, who happened to be particularly arrogant in front of the cameras of Canal+…


Cannes 2003 Emir Kusturica is president of the jury of the Short films.


Cannes 2004 Life is a miracle wins the National Education Prize.


Cannes 2005 Emir Kusturica is president of the jury. He gives the Golden Palm to L'Enfant by Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardennes.

French channel Canal+ pays an homage to the president by creating a puppet for its satyrical show ”Les guignols de l'info”.


Cannes 2007 Promise me this was selected for the official competition, and was the last film to be screened. Even if the film got no prize, it was a cheerful way of ending the festival…

On the picture, we see him surrounded by the film crew and his wife, Maja Kusturica.


Cannes 2008 Maradona (both the film and the football player) are present …


Cannes 2011 This year, Emir Kusturica will be president of the “un certain regard” jury.

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