Opera "Time of the Gypsies" - CD

opera "Time of the Gypsies" - CD

Release : 16 june 2007
Format : CD

  1. Efta purane ikone (Seven Old Icons)
  2. Djilaben rromalen (Sing People Sing)
  3. San Francisco (San Francisco)
  4. O chaveja (Oh, My Children)
  5. Hederlezi (St. George Day)
  6. Cik cik pogodi (Guess Guess who is coming)
  7. Crazy about money (Crazy About Money)
  8. Del dija (Lord gave us)
  9. Kana o del barvarel (When Lord Gives)
  10. Evropa (Europe)
  11. Pharismasa va inzares (The Beggars)
  12. Perhan sovel (Perhan is dreaming)
  13. Lorenzzo (Lorenzzo)
  14. Sas jekh len (There was a river once)

Composed by Dr. Nele Karajlić, Dejan Sparavalo & Stribor Kusturica, performed by the No Smoking Orchestra.

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