Danis Tanović

Danis Tanović is a bosnian director, born on 20 february 1969 in Zenica.

His first film, No Man's Land was highly applauded at his release. Among other prizes, he won The Best Script Palm at the Cannes Film Festival of 2001, then in 2002 he won the Oscar of the Best foreign film. The history is indeed very simple. It shows the nonsense of the war in ex-Yugoslavia in its most tragi-comic consequences. Two men (a Serb and a Bosnian) both mutilated, face to face, in a trench. The flag is not far, the blue helmets and the journalists either. In this film, Danis did everything, the scenario, the cut, the direction and the music. And this is his first film…

Famous poet Abdulah Sidran, made elogious comments about Danis Tanović. In an interview posted by Le courrier des Balkans in april 2002, he says : ”Even if nothing comes after Danis, it is incontestably the eruption of a talent of our people. Danis did not fall from the sky. He is a child of this land, son of Mevludin and Hatidza Tanović. Director Ademir Kenović was his professor at the Academy of Sarajevo. I also made a conference to people of this generation, but I didn't remember their faces. I spoke to them about my cinematographic experiments. Danis remembers it very well : an evening, on federal television, he said to me : “Father Sidran, I always remember the sentence that you pronounced at the time of your conference to the Academy : ' the detail is God' ”. However, nothing comes by chance. We lived a tragedy, but the gift granted to Bosnia could just as easily have been expressed in the mouth of another young person than Tanović. He frequently recognizes it during various talks. I see there a touch of providence and divine justice. It happens sometimes that the rewards are granted to people who reconciled talent and morals. The Oscar given to Tanović moved me, because it is such a long time that I observe the behavior of a number of our fellow-citizens. Most of them forgot the Masters who teached them how to read and write. As my memory is good, especially when there are negative examples, I remember that the bosnian cinema lost the greatest director this area never produced, but such was the will of God. The metaphysical force of these people generated a new talent, equal to the genius. That makes us happy, encourages us to thank Danis Tanović, nature and God, to have organized everything, to make us believe in justice in this world.

In 2008, Danis Tanović has launched his political party in Bosnia : “our party”. He wishes to oppose to the nationalists who divide his country.


  • 200? - Triage
  • 2005 - The hell
  • 2002 - 11'09''01 (short film, segment “Bosnia and Herzegovina”)
  • 2001 - No Man's Land
  • 1996 - The dawn (short)
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