Directors from the Balkans

The cinema of the Balkans is richof many talents, and it would be unfair that the huge notoriety of Emir Kusturica hides the other directors, whether new or classic, they built a cinema that is almost unknown out of the borders of ex-Yugoslavia.

Stefan Arsenijević
Director of the short film (A)Torsion, nominated at the Oscars 2004…

Enki Bilal
Great drawer and director franco-yugoslav, Enki Bilal is like no other…

Srđan Dragojević
Director of the impressive filmm Pretty village, pretty flame

Ademir Kenović
Director of the film Kuduz

Dušan Kovačević
Playwriter and director, author, among other, of the script of Underground

Goran Marković
Director of the film Tito and me

Dušan Milić
Director of the film strawberries at the supermarket

Goran Paskaljević
Director of many films, among which Cabaret Balkan and Guardian Angel

Danis Tanović
Bosnian director, winner of the Oscar in 2002 for No man's land

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