Do you remember Dolly Bell ?


Director Emir Kusturica
Original title Sjećaš li se Doli Bel ?
Release 1981
Original language bosnian
Length 1h45
Music Zoran Simjanović, Dragan Jokić Džemal Novaković and Adriano Celentano
Script Abdulah Sidran, Emir Kusturica
Photography Vilko Filać


Golden Lion of the First film at the Mostra of Venise, 1981

  • Golden Lion of the First film at the Mostra of Venise, 1981
  • Prize of the International Federation of the cinema Press (FIPRESCI) at the Mostra of Venice, 1981
  • Critic Prize of the International Film Festival of Sao Paulo, 1982


The Sixties in Sarajevo. Dino, young man in the suburbs, tries to lighten his life with the cinema that show him an Occident full of temptations, with hypnotism lessons, and music, the rock n'roll that makes the rest vanish. Then comes Dolly Bell, lovely cabaret girl that give him the more tremendous feelings.


  • Slavko Štimac …. Dino
  • Slobodan Aligrudić …. the father
  • Mira Banjac …. the mother
  • Ljiljana Blagojević …. Dolly Bell
  • Nada Pani …. the aunt
  • Zika Ristić …. Cica
  • Boro Stjepanović …. Cvikeras
  • Pavle Vujisić …. the uncle


Soundtrack  Do you remember Dolly Bell ?

The soundtrack was once published as a SP.

Details and titles of the soundtrack


CountryFormat audio languages subtitles languages buy online Description
Italy VHS PAL BosnianItalian
United Kingdom DVD Z2 PAL Bosnian interview with Emir Kusturica
Russia DVD Z5 PAL Bosnian 2.0, Russian
drapeau_serbie.jpg SerbiaDVD Z0 PAL Bosnian 2.0-
USA DVD Z0 NTSC Bosnian 2.0 &


Emir Kusturica was in the army at the time being. Military officials gave him a special 24h permission to leave Yugoslavia and receive the award in Venice.

The film was initially conceived for Yugoslavian television. Title of the film Dolly Bell refers to a lap dance girl of the Crazy Horse in 1959 Italian director Alessandro Blasetti's movie : Europe by Night.

In this film, all the actors speak with their own words, their own real accent. It's the first ever Yugoslavian movie where actors don't speak official Serbo-Croatian (the Yugoslav equivalent of BBC English), but the so-called Bosnian language, in fact, the language of Sarajevo.


  • TéléramaThe brilliant beginnings of Kusturica.



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