Ernst Lubitsch

Ernst Lubitsch Ernst Lubitsch was born in 1892 in Berlin and left Germany in 1922. His German nationality was cancelled in 1935. Adopted by Hollywood, he directs there many comedies, until 1947, when he dies of an heart attack. Reputed for his extreme sophistication, il also knew how to create a funny atmosphere on the set. Ernst Lubitsch has directed many comedies, but To be or not to be is certainly his most interesting film because beyond the laughs good plot, there is a true denunciation of the Nazi regime. For a 1942 film, the comic of repetition of ”So they call me Concentration Camp Ehrhardt ?” was quite dared. This film is certainly the most brilliant example of the ”Lubitsch touch”.

Hollywood and Emir Kusturica

Emir Kusturica is a big fan of American cinema… of the 40's. In many interviews, he uses to repeat that Hollywood has lost its originality and creativity it once had. When he tough cinema in New York, Hollywood movies of the 40's had an important place in his programme. We realize the influence through some of its “classics” such as Ernst Lubitsch, but also Michael Curtiz, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Douglas Sirk, etc.

Ernst Lubitsch in Emir Kusturica's films

We find in this film a lot of similar plans to those of the theatre scene in Underground : the interruption of the play at the crucial moment, the plan seen from the back of the stage, and then the panic in the theatre among the spectators.

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