Frequently Asked Questions

I always answer to each message I receive, (and always with pleasure…) but I would like to list here some of the questions I'm the most frequently asked to …

  • Could you give me the address of Emir Kusturica ?
    • It isn't that I don't want… I just don't know the personnal address of Emir Kusturica (no snail mail, no e-mail). Emir spends most of his time in Küstendorf… The postal address of the village is :
Resavski put 10
31000 Užice

Tel : +381 31 800 686 
Fax : +381 31 800 680 
  • I've heard that Emir Kusturica had opened a cinema school : how can I apply ?
    • Indeed, Emir Kusturica has made a cinema workshop in Küstendorf during the summer 2005. If some new workshops were likely to be reorganized, all the information would be given on the page of Küstendorf, as soon as possible.
  • When will Emir Kusturica's new film will be released ?
    • Please read the News page.
  • The navigation menu doesn't open anymore !
    • The wiki engine used for the website uses heavy cache management, and somtimes, you have to help it by refreshing your browser. Just click on “shift” and “reload page”, or click on the menu “tool/empty cache” of your browser.
  • I don't see the toolbar allowing to listen to the music
  • Is it the official site of Emir Kusturica ?
    • Yes and no. The site is getting official de facto, but I continue making it on my own, and freely, without any editorial nor financial help from Emir or his producers, since 1998. However, this site would have never been able to exist without the help of many friends in Paris, Sarajevo, Milan or Belgrade. The hosting costs are covered by the commissions recovered on the articles sold on the Amazon websites
  • Where can I find those CDs, DVDs, books ?
    • On the pages dedicated to soundtracks, films or books, I put links allowing to order the items online, with worlwide shipping.
  • Where can I find those posters ?
    • The posters pictures were found on internet, they are difficult to find.
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