Fanfare Ciocarlia

The Ciocarlia Brass band (Rumanian “nightingale”) is a really gypsy brass band. Eleven musicians soming from a small Romanian village have one day decided to cross the borders with their instruments. Trumpets, horns and tubas found an immense echo in all the countries they were crossing, thanks to a music fulfilled with enthusiasm authenticity and strength. Traditional dances and party rhythms compose mainly their repertory. Inexhaustible, these artists have as much humour as talent and they can play hours long, in the street or on stage. One even tells that they would have played 20 hours non stop for a Romanian wedding !

The Ciocarlia Brass band was the honor guest for the New Year's concert with Nederlands Blazer Ensemble in Amsterdam, on January 1st, 2000. They put a total disorder in the mythical theatre Concertgebouw…

Managed by the two German guys of Asphalt-Tango, the romanian band continue to tour the world, from Tokyo to New York, often passing by Paris. The Fanfare Ciocarlia has released its fifth CD in 2007 : “Queens & Kings”. They were also seen in the beautiful German film Gegen die Wand and a DVD was just released with their story.



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