Film inside the film

In each one of the films of Emir Kusturica, there is at least a sequence of “film inside the film”, where a movie is being watched, or where a character imitates a famous role from another movie…

Do you remember Dolly Bell ?
Dino discovers Dolly Bell at the news in the cinema.
When father was away on business
Mirza makes a small amateur film and projects it with his family, amazed… At the end of the film, all the family listens religiously to the radio the football match where Yugoslavia's team is playing.
Time of the Gypsies
When they go to the cinema, Perhan and Azra look at the film You Only Love Once, in which Miki Manojlović plays. This same scene of love is then paraphrased in the film with a girl forced to prostitution. Other allusions to the cinema in this film are given by Merdzan who makes remarkable imitations of Bruce Lee and Charlie Chaplin (for this one, it can be in homage to Chaplin's gypsy roots ?). Finally, in confidence to Perhan, Ahmed says that times are getting more and more difficult, and that a film even had been just made on the children traffics by gypsies. It is a clear allusion to Goran Paskaljević's film Guardian Angel
Arizona Dream
To convince Axel to remain in Arizona, and to remind the good old times, Leo projects an old Super8 film. Paul, great fan of Carry Grant and Robert De Niro makes a spectacular imitation of Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, and a remarkable doubling of the dialogues of Raging Bull. When Grace threatens to commit suicide, all that the moment inspires him is a monologue resulting from the Wizard of Oz. There are also some allusions to the Classic American movies, such as the fly on the cheek of Paul sleeping (Once upon a time in the west)
The archive pictures are used here as historical documents, and some are even faked (like in Forest Gump) to insert inside the protagonists of the film. One sees thus Marko next to Tito shortly after the war. Then, to ensure his propaganda in the underground, and to maintain the people's ignorance of the real situation, Marko organizes projections of images of war in loop and radio emissions with Bata at the microphone. Finally, when coming out of the underground, Blacky falls in the shooting of a film on his own life ! Just like Marko before, he faces the official interpretation of his history, and recognizes only the resemblance of the characters, not the situations.
Black Cat, White Cat
To supervise his house, Grga uses a very up-to-date video network. But his best pleasure remains looking in loop the final scene of Michael Curtiz' Casablanca on his video recorder : this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Super 8 Stories
This film contains several extracts of Emir's personal archive films. It is thus already a compilation of films inside the film. We can see, for example, young Stribor crying for no reason…
Life is a miracle
Jadranka is frightened by the news she sees on TV. Luka doesn't believe in them. Once alone, angry against this mighty TV set, he will throw it out of the window, but it will resist and continue until he shoots it with a gun…
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