Each hero of Emir Kusturica would like to fly away.

Emir Kusturica : I had a professor in Prague who said to me “One makes the difference between a bad film and a good film by the fact that in good film, the characters seems to escape from gravity”. I said to myself then, why not straightforwardly make people fly like Chagall?

Do you remember Dolly Bell ?
To fly is Dino's obesssion…
When father was away on business
Malik is sleepwalking. At the end of the film, he even flies away…
Time of the Gypsies
At the time of Saint-Georges day, Pehran dreams that he flies with his turkey in his arms…
At the end of film, when Perhan meets the new wife of Ahmed, just deceased. She pull a gun and says to him ”I will kill you, even if you were a bird”. Perhan dies and sees the turkey metamorphosed in cloud and flapping its wings in front of him… an image retaken later in Underground.
Arizona Dream
Elaine et Axel spend their time building flying machines…
For her wedding, Jovan's wife makes a mystical levitation exercise. In this scene, one finds clearly the inspiration of Marc Chagall.
Black Cat, White Cat
He won't fly away, but this funny machine reminds those of Axel in Arizona Dream, doesn't it ?
Life is a miracle
Luka is sick in his bed, and Sabaha joins him. They start to dream… the bed flies and they start floating around the gorgeous area of Mokra Gora…
Promise me this
The films is rythmed by the appearances of the canonball man flying over the town in a very surealistic way…
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