Hanging suicides can be found in almost each film. It can bring scenes of absurd comic or intense emotion.

When father was away on business When father was away on business
Meša's sister-in-law hangs herself at the tank of a W.C…. Formerly his mistress, but by disappointment or intellectual honesty toward the political authority, she denounced Meša and then married her brother-in-law… The wedding party at the end of the film is the occasion of reunion, remorse, memories, and Reconciliation
Time of the GypsiesTime of the Gypsies
Perhan, desperate to be able to marry Azra, hangs himself with the bell rope of the church. The neighbour blames him saying that it would rather be the politicians that should be hung !
Arizona DreamArizona Dream
Grace hangs herself with a panty because she does not support any more her stepmother. She hopes to reincarnate as a tortoise. This scene ends the famous meal scene between Grace, Elaine, Axel and Paul : certainly the best scene of the film regarding cutting, composition, humour, environment, absurdity… It is the first scene that Emir assembled once the turning of Arizona Dream finished. He was so proud that he wanted to show it already to everyone!
Ivan hangs himself because his zoo is being destroyed by the bombardments. He feels impotent in front of events, but also in front of its brother Marko, stronger, more skilful, more clever… 50 years later, when he discovers the truth, when he discovers who was really his brother, he will beat him to death in his wheel chair and hangs himself again… definitively…
Black Cat, White CatBlack Cat, White Cat
It is not a suicide, but nevertheless a hanging… And moreover it is the French poster of the film. Poor Makto, how will he pick back the bag with the 30.000 DM that he invested for ”the future of his son”?
Promise me thisPromise me this
It's not either a suicide, but wishing to raise the bell, grandfather finds himself balancing with the school teacher… a good occasion to have a serious discussion…
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