Humour allows to escape from the worst situations, it allows to bear the unbearable for the characters of Emir Kusturica's films. Always present in his films, humour uses often the farce, the unlikely, the ridiculous of the tragi-comic… This genre mixing, this particular gaze on life, Emir acquired it at the cinema school of Prague…
The film Black Cat, White Cat is the first pure comedy. Until then, Emir declared : ”I always try to make a comedy, but endlessly, my films finish to be dramatic…”. Nevertheless, even through the tears, Emir Kusturica's characters always succeed to laugh… or to make laugh !

Do you remember Dolly Bell ?
When Maho gets home, drunk, Emir Kusturica's camera turns around this scene, half sad half funny, in a way anticipating Arizona Dream's diner scene…
Time of the Gypsies
To kill time, to take revenge, or just to use his energy with something, Merdzan removes the roof of the house by fixing a rope at the chimney and draws it with the car… under a beating rain.
Zabit, to Perhan: ”If you were my son and you wanted to hang yourself, I would kill you!
Arizona Dream
Paul is so much in the role of the character that he doesn't hesitate to jump on the stage to imitate the actors during the projection of the film Raging Bull.
Marko with the prostitute… He will only be finding pleasure when the bombs will fall on Belgrade !
Blacky, later, to his son : ”never believe a woman who lies…
Black Cat, White Cat
Triumphal exit of the hospital thanks to the brass band !
Grga, irritated : ”Shut up, when you speak !
Life is a miracle
During the ass-boxing sequence, Filipović receives a message ”What are you doing ? The war has begun !”.
Promise me this
Humour in this film is exagerated, even disgusting, like if it made to cover the ugly truth of today's Serbia. Moreover, humour is made againsto those who intended first, like with Miki Manojlović : the castration of the castrator !”.
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