Interview in Serbian newspaper Kurir, October 2003

In this interview - which is in fact rather a short conversation - Emir seems more to make fun of the journalist than to reveal him the secrets of his last film…

Emir Kusturica has finished his new film ! The shooting has lasted more than a year and one of the characteristics of this film is that it has two titles : “Hungry Heart” for Europe and “When life was a miracle” for Serbia. As we're waiting to see it, Emir is in visit in Belgrade, for the opening of the festival of student film. We make a small exclusive interview with him.

  • The journalists seek information on your new film. What's the problem ? This silence lasts since more than a year !
    • Emir Kusturica : I would like to speak… but I cannot “Universal”, the official distributor of the film forbid it to me. It's in the contract ! And be sure I don't like it, because I can really say nothing.
  • This is not usual. Why did you accept such a contract ?
    • EK : In fact, they know that it is very difficult to stop me then when I decide to speak, so they put it in the contract. I can speak a lot, and sometimes not very nicely. Somebody must have said them during shooting. But when I'll start to speak… it will be the feast !
  • But you've just finished shooting !
    • EK : Yes, a few days ago ! I worked more than a year, and I exploded all the agreements on the duration of shooting.
  • You work in Serbia with Serbian actors. Can we know some more ?
    • EK : Well no, I can't say anything, because I would have problems with the distributor. Thus, I cannot say to you that we shot in Zlatibor, I cannot say that the actors are Slavko Štimac, Nataša Šolak, Vesna Trivalić, Aleksandar Berček, Davor Janjic, Stribor Kusturica, Nikola Kojo, Vuk Kostic, Dana Todorović. And you should pay great attention, because they could put me in jail for that !
  • What about the story of the film ?
    • EK : I must shut my mouth.
  • OK, so don't say anything, and I will speak. The story takes place in Bosnia. Luka is a Serb and his son an hostage in the hands of the Bosnian soldiers. The Serbs give him a young Bosnian nurse for an exchange, but they fall in love.
    • EK : Great ! You know everything on the film !
  • Where is the film now ? And when will we be able to see it ?
    • EK : We're now working on sound & image editing. It will be presented in Cannes next year.
  • You are in Belgrade for a few days. How do you feel here?
    • EK : Nice, as usual. The city is beautiful, luminous “glamour” even. They are selling the country.
  • What do you mean ?
    • EK : I'm speaking about the political situation. But I don't need to explain it to you. You know all about that. You write it almost everyday.
  • Do you read “Kurir” ?
    • EK : Yes, I read it on internet. Thus, I know all what's happening here.

Interview by N.DEVIC, translation by Matthieu Dhennin

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