"China makes balance in the world" - interview for Chinese Radio International, 28 June 2012

On June 28 (Vidovdan) one year passed since beginnings of Andrićgrad constructions. Creator of a single town committed to Serbian Nobel prize writer, also a director, actor, musician and now writer Emir Kusturica for Chinese radio International talks about this project, new film, and his own vision of China and Chinese films.

  • It's been over a year since beginning of construction. How far the progress goes and when do you plan to finish it?
    • EK : Heart of the town is finished and that is of major importance for every city, that central circle. We put a monument to Andrić there. As far as the outer circle goes, City House is finished, which took the shape of Pantheon, then market, Andrić Institute, theatre, student centre and street with cinema, and part with numerous workshops, with cafes, restaurants and everything which makes the city. And specially the city which tries to be renaissance. Everything is scheduled to end in the next two years.
  • June 28 is very important for Serbian people. How goes the symbolism of construction beginning at that very day ?
    • EK : Novel The Bridge on the Drina ends when Serb get picked up from that plato, and then happens everything which led to WW 1. Vidovdan is marked as the most important day for Serbian people, and for survival of them and their neighbours it is crucial what happened at that day throughout history.
  • Media say that town will be presented honourably with premiere of an opera “The Bridge on the Drina”. Meaning you quit the idea of making a film based on a novel?
    • EK : Of course not. Now that ambition becomes greater so the novel will first be adapted as an opera, then as TV show and finally as film. I hope that Government officials will recognize the need of creating such big cultural phenomenon, a making an opera, a TV show and a film based on one literature masterpiece.
  • What happens with your other directing plans?
    • EK : Based on a short film about a monk I made recently, I will make a full length movie. Shooting will begin at 15. Septembre in Trebinje and will end till 15. December. Lead roles will be played by Sloboda Mićalović and myself.
  • What do you think of Chinese films and is there any director or actor you appreciate greatly?
    • EK : I had an honour to be president of the jury in Venice when Zhang Yimou won top award for “Not one less” ( Yi ge dou bu neng shao ) and I was filled with joy when I gave him Golden Lion. I appreciate Chinese boom in any way possible and that energy, which defines that people and makes balance in the world between races, nations and cultures.
  • Are you going to visit China any time soon?
    • EK : Mostly I was just passing through, several times in Bejing and few cities at the south. I would like to come again.

Interview by Radosav Berbatović, translated by Nemanja
Source : serbian.cri.cn

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