Jagoda in the supermarket


Director Dušan Milić
Original title Jagoda U Supermarketu
Release 2004 (Serbia)
Original language Serbian
Length 1h25
Music No Smoking Orchestra
Script Dušan Milić
Photography Petar Popović


  • Best First Film at the Cinequest San Jose Film Festival, 2004


This film tells the story of a man who takes hostages in an american supermarket that just opened in the after-the-war Yugoslavia… Pains and wounds are still fresh, and open once again between characters…


  • Branka Katić …. Jagoda Dimitrijević
  • Srđan Todorović …. Marko Kraljević
  • Dubravka Mijatović …. Ljubica
  • Goran Radaković …. Nebojsa
  • Danilo Lazović …. Sef specijalaca
  • Mirjana Karanović …. Supermarket manager
  • Emir Kusturica …. the general


Country Formataudio languagessubtitles languages buy online Description
Germany DVD Z2 PAL SerbianGerman, Englishamazon.de Making of, director interview
Italy DVD Z2 PAL SerbianItalian
RussiaDVD Z5 PAL Serbian, RussianRussianAmazon.com
drapeau_serbie.jpg Serbia DVD Z0 PAL SerbianEnglishyu4you.com
United Kingdom DVD Z2 PAL Serbian German, English amazon.co.uk Making of, director interview
USA DVD Z1 NTSC English - amazon.com -


“Jagoda u supermarketu” is the first film produced by Rasta International, Emir and Maja Kusturica's production company, and not directed by Emir himself. He has indeed given a chance to Dušan Milić, a young talentuous director. He has even more than given a chance since he plays a (small) role, the one of a general with radical methods, and the No Smoking Orchestra has made the music. The cast is great : the two main characters are the great Srđan Todorović, and the very beautiful Branka Katić (from Black Cat, White Cat), as well as Mirjana Karanović who plays quite a funny character…



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