Life is a miracle - French DVD (double DVD edition)

DVD life id a miracle

Release : 7 February 2005 (France)
Languages : Serbian 5.1, French 5.1
Subtitles : French

Bonus :

  • Making-of by Marie-Chrisine Malbert (43')
  • Masterclass by Emir Kusturica at the FNAC Ternes (Paris), in 2004 (45')
  • DVD-Rom section with the pedagogical material realised by the French Education Nationale, containing :
    • Many documents, analyses, essays on the work of Emir Kusturica written by cinema teachers, critics and journalists.
    • On the film Life is a miracle in special, we find : the sequence cut, many analysis focusing on the following items : stylistic, aesthetics, animals, scenario, music, sounds, culture, history, etc.
    • A “Life is a miracle” lexicon
    • An exclusive interview of Emir Kusturica
    • video extracts of the film as well as of “Tendre Barbare”

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