Michel Amathieu

Michel Amathieu was called to replace Thierry Arbogast at the end of Black Cat, White Cat's shooting because of the delays : Thierry had engagements elsewhere. Michel and Emir quickly agreed on the question of the colors and the light : they like the same things ! Since then, Michel followed Emir on the No Smoking tours and took part in Super 8 Stories, and after, he came back for one year and a half of work in Serbia on Life is a miracle.

Since the first spots in Serbia, Emir Kusturica and me, decided that the natural sets (small mountains with brown rocks, railways and tunnels, villages…) would constitute a first element, almost a character of the film.

While shooting, there were surprises, like in the helicopter. In fact it was the time where the weather was splendid, the colors were superb, so we rented an helicopter. Emir did not like it very much. Everyone was a little afraid. Finally he agreed to come, and in fact, he was like a ten year old child on board. He loved it, he wanted all the time to pass from Serbia to Bosnia, that amused him very much, considering we were close to the border. He said that there were colors which do not exist elsewhere. I don't know if they exist elsewhere, but in any case it was very beautiful.

In general, for the first shoot of the morning, we speak the day before about it. The beginning of the day is always a little chaotic, because there is always something that doesn't work before Emir comes. For example, with the trains, there's no more diesel, etc. In any case, the plans evolve with the time. We usually start on an idea then Emir adds things, and the plan builds itself. We can easily make ten takes, even more sometimes. And as he has thousand ideas per hour, the last take doesn't look like the first one. At the end, when the framework is really full, when there are things occuring everywhere in the foreground and in the background, he is happy.

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Filmography (other directors)

  • 1997 - Dobermann, by Jan Kounen
  • 1997 - Les mille merveilles de l'univers, by Jean-Michel Roux
  • 1998 - Le cousin, by Alain Corneau
  • 1998 - I love L.A., by Mika Kaurismäki
  • 2000 - Hijack Stories, by Oliver Schmitz
  • 2006 - L'Homme de sa vie, by Zabou


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