Music inside the films

Faithful since Time of the Gypsies to Goran Bregović, then to the No Smoking Orchestra, Emir Kusturica is also a musician himself. Music is everywhere and the orchestras always follow the characters of the films.

Do you remember Dolly Bell ?
Dino plays in a group… created and subsidized by the party. Their song repeated all along the film is called 24.000 kisses. In the family celebrations, the uncle plays his lute and sings a sad song.
When father was away on business
The ceremony of circumcision of the children in the Muslim tradition is the occasion to make a last family party… It is a bitter party because Meša has just learned that he was going to be sent in a camp. The neighbour, a Serb, sings Mexican songs ”because it is safer…
Time of the Gypsies
Perhan plays accordion for his sick sister… and to tame his turkey. This is the preferred music of “Grandmother”…

Arizona Dream
For her anniversary, Grace offers to her mother-in-law a small plane and a band of Mariachis which will play during the whole night. Axel and Grace play both the accordion, at their lost moments…
Accordion is omnipresent with Kusturica, but here Grace does not play perfectly…
Faster ! Louder !” says Marko to Golub's orchestra before entering a brawl between Blacky and the Mafiosi of Belgrade. Golub follows Marko and Blacky in all the circumstances of the film. Music makes possible for the people of the underground to keep the faith.
Black Cat, White Cat
What do all these musicians make, fixed on a tree? It is normal… Always also exaggerated, the music can even be techno and rhythm the drug-takings of the Mafiosi…
One of the working titles for this movie was Acrobatic Music. Guess why ?
Life is a miracle
Luka plays clarinet in the local orchestra, and his wife, Jadranka is an opera singer. But what does an opera singer do without opera ? She gets bored… More than ever, music is everywhere in the film.
Promise me this
To seduce the school teacher, inspector (Ivica Maksimović from the No Smoking Orchestra) makes the big deal…
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