My first movie : take 2

My first movie : take 2

Title My first movie : take 2
Author Stephen Lowenstein
Publisher Pantheon Books
Language English
Release January 2008
Pages 284 pages

Nobody forgets their first time - and film directors are no exception…

After the first book where he had interviewed 20 directors about their first film (among who Oliver Stone, the Coen brothers, Kevin Smith, Mike Leigh, Ang Lee or even Pedro Almodovar), Stephen Lowenstein comes back to us with ten other great directors. This time, it's Richard Linklater (Slacker), Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko), Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu (Amores Perros), Takeshi Kitano (Violent cop), Shekhar Kapur (Masoom), Emir Kusturica (Do you remember Dolly Bell ?), Agnès Jaoui (Le goût des autres), Lukas Moodysson (Show me love), Terry Gilliam (Jabberwocky) and Sam Mendes (American Beauty) who get back to their past.

Each chapter reveals fascinating details and anecdotes on the processes that allowed the achievement of this first film. The range of director is wide : from Bollywood to Hollywood, from independants to studio films…

Stephen Lowenstein, being a director himself, knows what he's talking about, masters perfectly his subject : we fell, specially for the interview of Emir Kusturica, that the director really gets far into the roots of this souvenirs, and reveals huge parts of his career and his personality that were barely known, until now.

Finally, let's mention the very pertinent photos that come along with the texts : rare and beautiful black & white photos showing the directors in action, on their first film.

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