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News - 25 may 2016

In order to wait before the release of On the milky way on which Emir Kusturica continues to work, let me suggest some reading: This is my last book; it's in French and published by Espaces & Signes in the Ciné-Voyage collection: Croatie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Serbie mises en scènes. This collection aims at discovering “cinema places,” as a touring guide in the Balkans linked to the cinema - cinema as a reflection of the life of a place, a city, a region, a country, but also as a witness to their past. In full color, the book evokes the westerns filmed in Croatia, the Partisan movies shot in Bosnia, and of course a zoom on Emir Kusturica's movies. Published last week, it can already be ordered on For people in Paris, I'll be on 26th and 27th May at the Balkan Book fair and signing at l'Ecume des Pages on Thursday, June 2nd at 7pm!

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