opera "Time of the Gypsies" - DVD

Release : 17 March 2008 (France)
Languages : Rrom 5.1 & 2.0
Subtitles : French

The opera “Time of the Gypsies” was filmed during one of its representations in Paris at the Opera Bastille, in July 2007. It's Emir Kusturica and Marie-Eve Signeyrolles, Emir's directing assistantfor the Bastille shows, that have personally supervised the filming.

The DVD proposes also a passionate making-of of the opéra, telling the story of this strange adventure, from the very first moments where Emir Kusturica passed his time trying to convince Dr Nele that an opera could be revisited in punk style, without that the band looses his soul, until the final rehearsals and the triumph at the Opéra Bastille…

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