About religion, in an interview of 2004, Emir Kusturica said : ”I search God. One God. It's difficult. I try to go toward a philosophical way of thinking, I try not to divide things, not to separate, like the Church does, profane from the sacred.

Later, in 2005, after the construction of his village Küstendorf, he got baptised Serbian orthodox, under the name Emir Nemanja Kusturica.

However, his attitude toward religion has always been very distant, and thus, during the polemic that took place after the Golden Palm for Underground, Alain Finkelkraut described Emir Kusturica as the devil. He showed once more that he hadn't understand anything of the universe of Emir Kusturica. Indeed, in each of his films there are some questions of religion, but each time in an allusive and funny way…

Do you remember Dolly Bell ?
At the death of Maho, his wife turns him towards Mecca. Besin, his brother-in-law says then ”But what are you doing : he was communist !”. The script of Abdulah Sidran was autobiographical, but the echoes with the proper family of Emir Kusturica are numerous.
When father was away on business
Meša is resigned to accept his deportation, but after the ceremony of circumcision of his son. A very important event, which will be the key moment in the family relations.
In this film, the religion is also diverted at the time of the “false” ceremony of the burial of the neighbour.
Time of the Gypsies
One of the most beautiful scenes is that of Saint-Georges. Serb orthodox Christian tradition, this celebration is important for the whole gypsy community (even Muslims), and has pagan origins. The ceremony is trans-religious, since it mixes Hindu, Muslim, Christian and pagan rites. Moreover, in the long version of the film, by closing a door, Perhan made a crucifix to be turned over on the wall, echoing the Martyrdom of the end of Underground. Finally, in the last image of the film, we see Merdzan walking to the church after Perhran's death.
Arizona Dream
In the unreleased final scene of the film, the priest who maries Axel and Millie has hardly a role of figuration, since the wedding is dispatched in 20 seconds, and that Axel does not seem to show a deep engagement…
As to show that one does not escape his destiny, the church that builds Ivan in matches and that he offers to the wedding of Jovan has the same form that the one where he will commit suicide 30 years later. The scene where Blacky kills by mistake Marko and Natalja, a Christ reversed seems to symbolize that God definitively gave up this place…
Black Cat, White Cat
Grga, the godfather of the gypsy clan carries around the neck an overloaded whole of multireligious symbols, composed of a David star, a crescent of moon, and a Christian cross. And to further push the disrespect, Dadan hides his coke in a small retractable crucifix…
Super 8 Stories
Devil in the business class…
Life is a miracle
Miloš's best friend is a Muslim. A the beginning of the conflict, Jadranka advises him not to see him too much. Absurd for Miloš and Luka who don't want to believe in this kind of conflict.
Promise me this
The film ends with the encounter of a wedding and a funeral… During the attack of the place, both priests unite their office to celebrate a double wedding !
One of the most surprising scene of the film is when we discover the “Maradonian Church”, which boss is the owner of a bar with nude girls dancing… .

In short, with Emir Kusturica, everyone speaks about religion, but nobody really believes in it…

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