Šaban Bajramović

Šaban Bajramović was born on 16 april 1936 in Niš in Serbia. He is a huge Serbian Rrom singer and composer. At the age of 19, for the love of a girl, he left the army, and was sent three years in Tito's camps in Goli Otok, gulag island on the Dalmatian coast, evoked in When father was away on business. From this experience, Šaban will get the strength for his long career : he'll say later that he read much in prison, specially about philosophy.

Since then, Šaban Bajramović becamle a living legend in Serbia. Called the “gypsy king of Serbia”, or the “Frank Sinatra of the Rroms”, he is an immense artist who composed more than 650 songs, among which the famous song Mesecina arranged by Goran Bregović for the soundtrack of Underground (its original title being Djeli Mara). He also sang on the soundtrack of Black Cat, White Cat (in particular the song Bubamara), like on the album tales and songs of weddings and funerals of Goran Bregović. He also played and sang in Goran Paskaljević's film Guardian angel.

So many things ae said on Šaban Bajramović he has become a myth : his exceptional voice hides a man surrounded of mysteries. He sill keeps on his face the scars of his passage in the island of Goli Otok. Today, nobody really knows where he lives, and he doesn't care the “papers they make me sign”, in such a way his music was copyed, imitated, even stolen, as the time pass….



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