Hundred of troubles

Hundred of troubles

Original title Sto Jada
Author Emir Kusturica
Publisher Novosti (Belgrade)
Language serbian (cyrilic)
Release 24 april 2013 (Serbia)
Pages 216 pages

This compilation of short stories was presented to the press on 24th of april 2013.

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Under the title Étranger dans le mariage, the book is translated into French and released in septembre 2014. It is available on

Press conference

On 24th or April, literary critic Aleksandar Jerkov called Kusturica’s short stories “unfilmed tales” based on the power of his imagination which transgresses all boundaries. He described the director’s new book as “literary excess” in which the inner strength of man changes the course of literature, adding that Kusturica’s books are “a place of cultural health.”

Scholar Matija Beckovic said Kusturica established in art the discipline known in athletics as the combined event. “In film and theater, the author is unknown – is it the director, the screenwriter, the actors, the editor, the cameraman? Emir Kusturica seems to have faced this problem, so he started directing, acting, playing music, singing, composing, writing,” said Beckovic. “I was not patented to be an artist. I was not expected to amount to much,” Kusturica said to laughter from the audience.

He explained that the stories in his book are fighting against the present times and are set in the last decades of the 20th century. “This book was left by life itself, and I tried to place it between my role models. A little computer helped me put together these sharp images from the time gone by with Tito and his state,” said Kusturica.

Novosti director and editor-in-chief Manojlo Vukotic recalled that the last book penned by “the famous director and fledgling writer,” – Smrt je neprovjerena glasina (Death is an Unverified Rumour) – sold over 114,000 copies, and said he is sure Sto Jada, which hits newsstands Wednesday, will suprass it.

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