Super 8 Stories


Director Emir Kusturica
Original title Super 8 Priče
Release en France 2001
Original language Serbian, English
Length 1h30
Music No Smoking Orchestra
Photography Michel Amathieu
Box office 20.085 (France), 59.745 (Europe)


  • Silver Plate of the Best Documentary at the International Film Festival of Chicago, 2001


Documentary on the No Smoking Orchestra.



  • Aleksandar Balaban …. Tuba
  • Zoran Marjanović Čeda …. Percussions
  • Nenad Gajin Coce …. Guitar
  • Goran Markovski Glava …. Bass
  • Drazen Janković …. Keyboards
  • Dr. Nele Karajlić …. Voice
  • Emir Kusturica …. Guitar
  • Stribor Kusturica …. Percussions
  • Zoran Milošević …. Accordion
  • Nenad Petrović …. Saxophone
  • Dejan Sparavalo …. Violin
  • Joe Strummer …. himself



No soundtrack, but the music of the film is mainly the one of the studio album released just a year before : Unza Unza Time.

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CountryFormataudio languagessubtitles languages buy online Description
Argentina DVD Z4 PAL Serbian 2.0, PortugueseSpanish More details
China DVD Z0 NTSC Serbian 5.1English, Chinese
France DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 2.0French, English Amazon.frMore details
Italy DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 2.0Italian


The film was premièred at Berlin Festival on 14 February 2001.


  • RepéragesIronic point of the kaleidoscopic images of this film, the shooting of a videoclip summarizes the quintessence of Kusturica's cinema, his baroque exaggeration, inviting his picturesque characters (gypsies, brides, nuns…), his bestiaries and his untiring frenzy of movements. Using this folklore as a stereotype, at the end, he underlines all the singularity and the deep historical roots ; it's what make a success of these stories in Super 8, with fragrances bitterer than it first appears.
  • Monsieur Cinéma Not really a full-length film of fiction but more than a simple documentary, SUPER 8 STORIES is a very intimate film, full of images with family, archives of Yugoslav television and ex-Yugoslavia in ruins, like recalling us that finally, on stage, the life is beautiful. One finds obviously the gypsy imaginary and the squeaking humour of the director, with funny scenes as the cocker spaniel which sings or the interview which turns to a general laugh. Geniusly deconstructed, SUPER 8 STORIES will give you ants in the legs and will turn you completely “Unza Unza” !



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