Time of the Gypsies - the slovenian DVD

Release : 2004

This DVD doesn't contain specific bonuses, mais the editing is different than the classical international version, for at least 3 sequences :

  • The film that Perhan and Azra go to see at the cinema isn't Samo jednom se ljubi by Rajko Grlić (with Miki Manojlović), but Breathless by Jim McBride, an american remake of Jean-Luc Godart's film A bout de souffle, with Richard Gere…
  • The first scene in the bar in Milan is longer : after having his cigarette lit, Ahmed watches his friend in the street who talks to a lady, he gets out, and steals her purse.
  • The end of the film longer. Indeed, after Merdzan leaves Perhan's burrial in the rain to follow the child, he runs toward the church and starts talking to Jesus, in fact an upside-down crucifix. He makes a deal with God : against his help to put him up again, he asks for help for Perhan's son, and some luck in games. A few seconds later, jesus falls back again…
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