• First of all, I want to thank Emir Kusturica, who gave me the desire for making this site and writing my book to show how much his cinema is rich, creative, dynamic, authentic, poetic…
  • Thanks to Goran Bregović and the No Smoking Orchestra for their unforgettable music, thanks to all the Gypsies and the people of Yugoslavia, Romania and Hungary who by their traditions and culture still make us move in the XXIst century.
  • Thanks to the people who made other sites on Emir Kusturica, and from whom I may have borrowed an image, a text, an idea. May all those who feel obfuscated understand that my only goal is to share as much as possible my passion for Emir Kusturica.
  • Thanks to all the people I've met on the site, who trust me and keep me regularly informed (they will recognize themselves).
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