The mouth full of earth

The mouth full of earth

Author Branimir Scepanović
Publisher Longship Press
Language English
Release 1975

Under a starry summer night, two campers prepare to sleep. At the same moment, in a train, a man thinks of his near death which it chose to give to himself in his native Montenegro.
These destinies do not have any reason to come across… But death sometimes, pull strings. Why does the instinct of hunting wake up in the heart of the merry companions ? Why do anonymous walkers, quiet peasants feel the pressing need to follow this fatal mass ? And why does the man who wanted to die doesn't want it any more, why does the survival instinct wake him up, why does he launch himself out in an lost escape ? This book seems to treat with simplicity of this terrible instinct which carries out us to war, murder, and destruction… and all that for what, at the end ? For nothing, and especially, by ignorance. It is surely the great cause of our misfortunes. But enough philosophying, good reading and good reflexion!

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