Emir Kusturica was often attacked for ideological positions that some people think they are defended in his films.

But, more than all, Emir Kusturica likes to trouble the game. He loves making confusion from an interview to another, in articles or declarations. He's as contradictory as the characters of his films : never completely white, never completely black either… It would be absurd to put Emir Kusturica into one category, or one ideology after reading an interview, because he can very easily declare the contrary the day after…

am Slav. In my contradictions, my will to see the world in black and white, in my humour, my abrupt changes of mood, but also in my comprehension of the history. I was born at the extremely painful border between the East and the West, and I keep in memory the palpitations of my parents.

Without entering the polemics that surrounded the release of Underground, let's mention the article written by Emir Kusturica in the French newspaper Le Monde on 24 April 1992 : Europe, my city is burning !

The end of Underground

It is with sorrow, with sadness and joy that we will remember our country, when we tell our children stories which start like all the fairy tales : there was once a country…

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