Promise me this


Original title Zavet
Working title The wish
Release november 2007 (Russia), January 2008 (France)
Original language Serbian
Length 2h06
Music Stribor Kusturica
Script Ranko Bozić & Emir Kusturica, based on a story by Rade Marković
Photography Milorad Glusica
Box office 120.000 (France)


Tsane lives with his grandfather and their cow Cvetka on a remote hilltop. Except for their neighbour, Bossa, they are the village’s only inhabitants. One day, Tsane’s grandfather tells the young man that he is dying. He makes Tsane promise to go over the three hills into the nearest town and sell Cvetka at the market there. With the money, he must buy a religious icon, then anything he really wants and finally, he must find a wife to bring home. In town, Tsane easily fulfils the first parts of his promise, but how is he going to get home with a wife before his granddad dies? That’s when he meets Jasna, who is late for school as usual…..




Promise-me this - soundtrack

The music of the film was composed by Stribor Kusturica & the poisoners.

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Country Format audio languages subtitle languages Buy online Description
Germany DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1, French 5.1,
German 5.1
German, French Amazon.deRelease on 19/09/08
Spain DVD Z2 PAL Plurilingue, Castellano, Catalán, Croata, Serbio, Español Castillan, CatalanAmazon.esReleased on 04/03/09
France DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1 French Amazon.frRelease on 02/09/08
Italie DVD Z2 PAL Serbian 5.1 , ItalianItalian Amazon.itRelease on 23/07/10

Press kit

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TV Novosti Marija Petronijević and Uroš Milovanović made the front cover of the Serbian magazine TV Novosti in summer 2006, during the shooting of the film.

After a few filming days in February, the shooting really started on may 16th 2006 in Užice, in Serbia, and should last until October 2006 in the region of Küstendorf.

Uroš Milovanović, who has the leading role (the boy) is also the main character of the short film Blue Gypsy.

Ljiljana Blagojević is also used to Emir Kusturica's films, since she was “Dolly Bell” in Do you remember Dolly Bell ?

In several internet sources was mentioned the fact that Javier Bardem and Juliette Binoche were part of the casting of the film. This was a false rumour.

The film was selected for the official competition at the 60th Cannes Film Festival, in 2007.

The film also made the opening of the Moscow film festival, from June 21 to June 30 2007. This festival is headed by Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov. During a press conference in Moscow, Emir Kusturica said : ”While studying in Prague, I would find my idols in Russian cinema. Zavet is my personal tribute to Dovzhenko. I've brought the film to Moscow because I believe Russian and Serb cinema share the same roots.1)


  • : ”“Promise-me this : weddings of Fellini and Keaton.
    Evil tale, the new film of Emir Kusturica (twice golden Palme in Cannes, for When father was away on business in 1985, and for Underground in 1995) is shot in the Serbian countryside where a young orphan lives with his truculent grandfather. At the hour when he feels death to come, the grandfather charges his grandson with going to sell a cow in the neighbouring city, at the best price. With the money, the kid must achieve three missions: to acquire an icon, to bring back a souvenir and a bride.
    Emir Kusturica is a director who divides. When we don't reproach him his partiality in the conflict of Balkans, we complain to see him producing the same visual tricks. Completely baroque and carnavalesque in a time where this style seems suspect, he is of these creators who imposed their universe once and for all, and decline it into new episodes, alternatives ad infinitum. Promise me this is, more than ever, placed under the sign of the devotion to Federico Fellini. A teacher character with opulent forms testifies. Mistress of the grandpa and awakener of the libido of the kid, this teacher without pupils is the object of the puffing advances of a loser bureaucrat, during episodes worthy of Mack Sennett. It is indeed necessary to seek the second great reference of the film on the side of the burlesque cinema, in particular of Buster Keaton. The film orchestrates with jubilation a whole series of gags generated by the science of do-it-yourself of the grandfather, crazy inventor of funny machineries likely to control the objects and to make fun of the laws of gravity.
    Launched at full speed, this picaresque tale does not bend its rhythm, just spreading some images with kitsch poetry in a higher bid of stunt-flyings, livelinesses and perpetual motion. From Freudian metaphor (a naked woman in an apple swimming pool), this exuberant comedy turns into a cartoon frenzy to tell the adventures that Kusturica is so fond of : the passage at the adulthood, the heritage, the festivities of the marriage. The ejection of the young hero out of childhood in a film where a man, transformed into human bomb, is propelled in the airs at the blow of gun, doesn't happen without bad meetings. The ingenuous will have to resist to the naughty tricks of a gang ordered by a zoophile amateur of turkeys, and to save his beloved, destined to the white slavery. The authors adds to these adventures his own quotations: frenzies of brass bands, rowdy twin characters, poultry routs. Located in an insulated village, far from the nationalist conflicts, this deliberated chaos pleads for a circus cinema, but is closed by a general reconciliation which is not without political hopes
    Jean-Luc Douin, translation by Matthieu Dhennin”



The film was screened in official competition on 26th may 2007 at the 60th Cannes Film Festival, with all the film crew…



1) See news report on
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