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News - 28 june 2014

Along the milky way

  • After a pause of almost a year, the shooting of the film "Along the milky way" (Na mlečnom putu) started again in Trebinje. Emir Kusturica was spotted there in his monk dress, and rumours say there is wedding scene being prepared. Monica Bellucci should join the crew within the next days. A surprise : faithfull actor Miki Manojlović is announced in the casting ! Indeed, a few changes have been made to the script during the winter. Meanwhile, Emir Kusturica continued to work on Andrićgrad, and particularly on the WW1 100th anniversary ceremonies. In a Financial Times interview, Emir Kusturica describes this new “town” as a symbole of pacifism.
  • The short stories of Emir Kusturica Sto Jada will be translated into French and will be released under the title Étranger dans le mariage (Stranger in the wedding), in septembre 2014. It is available for pre-order on amazon.fr. No other translations are foreseen for the moment.
  • Books again, it is Dr. Nele Karajlić who is now publishing his own. He has just released his autobiography in Serbia : Fajront y Sarajevo, that we can translate “Closing Time in Sarajevo”. He speaks of tour, life in Sarajevo, his childhood, music and his heart problems which carried him away from the stages.

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